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Thread: New stickies

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    New stickies

    Yeah Guys this is Juke, just using this until my account gets sorted. Anyway, for all the rules and stickies etc posted by Adam and other users ages ago will probably become useless, as they are not up to date and the links posted for The Rules, Staff etc go directly to Darkdemon which will be going down in future I think? So maybe DA and the staff should come together and make new ones. Also when we get into this forum fully and when everything starts functioning fully we won't want all these link to rules and stuff going to DD.org, preferably this forum itself. That's my opinion anyway.

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    Things will be a bit messy for a while, this sort of thing included. Once things have settled we can organise a forum-wide cleansing and get things running smoothly. Perhaps we can have a sort of Fixing Old Links thread in the help section, where members post if they stumble upon an important broken link over the next few months.

    For now though I think we sit tight and let the dust settle before we start moving the furniture.


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