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Thread: more colors

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    more colors

    is there a way to get a stick more than one color cuz i saw a couple o people do it but i cant ^:_)
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    This belongs in the help center, so *moved.

    Now to get a stick with different colors you just need more than one stick colored differently.

    so if i wanted a stickman with blue legs and an orange top, then i'd color one stick orange and one stick blue and jsut aly them on top of each other.

    I hope i helped even a little bit. Someone else will probably explain better.

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    lol, yeah, that's the basic. Unless you want him to change colors mid anim. IN that case, you would change his color on the frame you want him to change the color so ya... and Try to speak more proper, people will like you more.
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    errr nop, first of all this must go into the help section, and now check:


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