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    any admin read this please (problem solved, lock)

    i noticed that i lost a lot of post, 5 hours ago i had 454 or 455 i dont remember, now when i entered i check that i have 412 only, i posted this just to assure it isnt a bug or sumthing
    K sorry i shut up, i just noticed now that the what are you doing right now, what is your mood right now, and the what did you last eat threads where moved to the spam pit thing
    so problem solved

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    Its most likely because the "your present mood" and "what did you just eat" topics got put into the spam pit, taking away all of your posts in those two topics.

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    Yeah, it appears many of us have been greatly affected, lol.

    Dod-But Me

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    Post count re-instated, it was due to the movement of such threads like that.

    you can now find them in the general area.

    - Adam.


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