First Post Disappearing?

I've seen a few threads and complaints about first posts disappearing so I'll address them with this sticky.

What's happening is the forum post filtration system is kicking in, as members with a only handful of posts sharing/editing in external links raises red flags in it's search for spam bots.

These posts go under the 'Moderated' tab for the Admins to check and approve. Until approved, they will be removed from sight for non-staff members. Since these posts are not deleted, there is no need to keep posting the same threads/posts, please just wait for us to do our job and validate your moderated posts. This may also happen when editing posts as well until your post count raises slightly.

Sorry for the inconvenience of the system, but please keep in mind it's the same moderating system that keeps hundreds of bot/spam posts visible to only the staff team rather than cluttering the forum for everyone else.

Please just be patient and bear with us. If for whatever reason your post is not approved within a day or so, do not create a new thread, instead hit an admin up with a private message as a reminder to check and approve moderated posts.