As a long time member of this site, I would like to have it completely viewable and in it's former glory. I mean no offense to you when saying this, but you broke this forum. Redirects and searches are constantly broken, and there are all sorts of other problems. Not only this, but what with other spin off forums, you get very few active posters compared to before.

I remember you saying that you intended to turn this into a completely different site about animation in general, not just Pivot. I want to give you the chance to do this, while pleasing the community at the same time.

So, here's what I propose. You sell me both the user and post databases from the site currently, and perhaps any assets from the PhpBB version of the site, if they are still accessible. You can name your price, I currently have no idea about it price wise, and I would be grateful if you would help give me an idea. You can keep the logo or whatever if you like, even the original Darkdemon.org domain if you see it fit.

You can contact me through PM, and we can continue further through other means if you like.

-Minifrij - Member of Darkdemon.org since late 2009