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    Flash comic help

    I would like to start a comic series on flash. But I know nothing about flash and need some help of how to get everything for a comic sorted. Pleese could someone that has knoledge in the comic area make a tutorial for me about making comics.
    If not in flash in Photoshop



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    Download Paint.Net here

    Simple Layered Comic
    Download this. This is my basic comic scene.
    I havn't added the comic yet but the characters are up to you.
    There are 3 basic layers. I have copied this off SA's style so don't kill me k?
    The first layer is the background. Keep this at a simple one color theme because it can be changed colors and all other stuff can be added in another layer. Next the second layer, "Layer 2" contains a separator. First make this layer and keep it blank. Add another layer, "Layer 3" and make the basic framing for your animation. Now keep that leyer visible by making sure the box beside the Layer's name is ticked, and click on "Layer 2" and make lines beneath layer 3. if you "Uncheck the Layer 3 Box" you will notice that on mine I have some lines going under where the frame is. This means I can change the color of the background, add details closer to the frames and make fills easier. When you save it make sure you make the 3rd layer visible. Now simple create it. If you want extra help, which you probably do because I suck at tuts, just add me on MSN. the-bolt@hotmail.com

    Yay. Done.

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    bolt basically explained it but if you want exeptionally good comics, get a wacom tablet, but they cost around 100 pounds.


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