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    Jul 2006
    up your....finger

    This is how you add animations to your thread.

    Gosh, so many people have been asking this.
    could a mod sticky this please?
    so, first, you save it as a gif.
    Make at least 2 frames, and then go to
    save animation
    drop down menu where it says piv* and click gif*
    so then, type in the title of your animation.
    then, uncheck merge, set it to
    6/100 and 1/2 (unless you need a certain size)
    now, once you did that, there should be a loading thing.

    *open ie/mozilla firefox.*

    Now go to either

    Pivot host is the quickest and can upload 3 files at once, and can also host pivs, stks and zips and bmps. so i suggest using that.
    now click on browse. then go to the gif file of your animation.
    then click host!
    now wait till it loads, then a link should come up.
    now, click on the link and copy it. if you hosted a stk or zip, just copy it from pivothost because if you click it it will just go to download it.
    then, go to your thread, then 'new post' (no triple posts) then say something like 'update with new animation *link to anim* enjoi.'
    then go to your FIRST post, click edit then add it to the list of animation you have.

    Hope this helped. now every topic that asks for this can be deleted.

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    Sep 2005
    There already is a sticky for this, but it should get uodated because the picture links are now dead.

    It's called "Adding images".

    [add me @ jjknox@gmail.com]


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