Admins, Mods, Forum Helpers:
I know lots of forum games are popping up, but read the whole thing before you bin it, it's not just a simple game, it requires some thinking, tactics, and teamwork

But you can bin it anyways >.>

It is not a game that you download but a posting game.
Here is the map for the game:
(Excuse the horrible look of the map, it was made by me a year ago)
Map Key: Dark grey sticks= Road
Light grey stks= buildings
aqua blue circles= bunkers
intertwined light grey stks=construction site
wierd little lolipop things=forest
Their is the blue and red team. Each team has vehicles at its base. 4 jeeps, one tank, and ont Black Hawk. Each has a waepon on it. Jeeps have 50cal m-guns and B-Hawk has 2 chainguns. Each weapon has to be manned to use. No pilot or driver can fire while still driving.
Vehicle capacity:
-Jeep: 3 people, 4 if no one mans the
-Black Hawk: 8 people. (Pilot, Co-pilot, 2 gunners, and 4 passengers.
-Tank: 3 people. (Gunner, Driver, Commander)

M-21= sniper rifle, bolt action
AK-47= Assault Rifle
M-4 carbine= Assault Rifle 2
Colt-45= Semi-Auto pistol
Desert Eagle= Semi-Auto pistol
Beretta= Semi-Auto pistol
Spaz-12= Combat Shotgun
RPG-7= Anti-vehicle weapon *needs reload after every shot*
Uzi= SMG
P-90= SMG
M16a2 w/ grenade launcher= Assault rifle/ grenade launcher *cannot fire both on same turn* *Grenade launcher needs reload after every shot*
SAW= Squad based light machinegun *Takes 6 posts before reload*

Weapon limits:
-1 Assualt rifle/ rifle/ large weapon alotted
-1 SMG alotted, can bring pistol with smg
-2 pistols if you feel pimp enough.

How the game works:
If I don't cover something here, feel free to ask me at anytime.
You will be able to do any action unless against the rules I'll put down a little later, BY putting your action between *'s. For example: *Run to cover*
You will be restricted to 3 actions per post, do not spam, and don't post like every other time. You will be restricted to 3 posts per page.
When you're done typing your actions, highlight them and color them the color of your team. You can make it any shade, just as long as its blue or red.
Strict Rules:
-No inhumanly possible things! Violation will result in your post being ignored and if you repeatedly break this rule, you'll be banned from the game for 2 pages.
-You have 2 posts to dodge a shot coming to you, now you can't somehow dodge a point blank shot...remember, nothing superhuman.
-If you do not dodge in time, you will be killed and will have to wait for 3 posts to respawn at your base.
-You can't jump superhigh. You'll be able to jump on anything that would come up to your knees, you can climb over anything as high as your midsection.
-You're not going to be able to run across the whole map in a single turn. One turn is assumed to last anywhere between 15-45 seconds.
-You do not have unlimited ammo, reload is required after using your weapon for 3 posts. Reloading takes up a single action, and firing can be resumed after your done.
-It takes one action to aim, it takes 3 actions to get a precise shot, which gives your opponent only 1 turn to dodge. This means you'll need 2 posts to get the shot off.
-Jeeps move 3 times faster than men on foot in this game, you have 3 times more space you can cover. Tanks move twice as fast, Black Hawks can cover the whole map in a single turn, but it requires 3 actions to get the Hawk off the ground.
-Too many rules, eh? Well it can be bigger. If you think you know a rule to help improve the game post it here and I'll take it into consideration.



Have fun
Oh btw, Soldat isn't the same as this. Soldat it's just run and gun, so don't just rip on this and say playing soldat is the same thing but better.