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    Give surreal free money!

    Yoh everyone.

    I need money. hardcore. (dont tell me to get a job, im too lazy and busy and lazy at the moment)
    i was wondering if anyone could do me a favor -

    http://www.AWSurveys.com/HomeMain.cfm?R ... stsurreal0

    Sign up there - you dont need to use your real name / email or anything and you DONT have to do any surveys.

    Every person = $1.25

    it works, my friends been doing this for a month and just withdrawed $200, and it transfered to his paypal.

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    Surreal, you know what I think of adverts, I'm gonna lock this thread, I wont remove the link but I'm locking it.

    I'd normally remove it so consider it a favour.


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