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    Attention : I am not dead, but nor am I coming back to pivot

    Hi guys, sorry I haven't really been on in a while, but it involves a car accident but it wasn't me this time. I don't want to talk about it because I've already moved past it. It happened last month.

    Sorry to the people who always loved my animations, but I unfortunately have to quit since I have to take greater responsibility in other things right now. I will visit DarkDemon when I have the time but that will be rare. I had a great time with you guys and I enjoyed watching several beginners grow in experience and watching others at my level compete for Inters and Vets . Great times

    Unfortunately I have no more time for anything at all.

    The only freetime I get is 10PM to 12AM. I am working on the weekends full time and I have other business to take care of. And during my free time I could play Halo 3. Unfortunately my internet is currently disconnected so I cannot play on Xbox Live

    I am at my aunt's house at the moment and I will soon be driving to my grandmothers as I live there now. And if I ever hopefully find the money to pay for internet, my GamerTag is BboyLeon... my AIM is TheBboyLeon, and well that's all I can give you. I am RARELY on at all for anything.

    Sorry for wasting your time if you found no interest in this. But also, thank you for wasting your time (>_>) to read this. I did this just to let people know I'm not dead. Although I will not be logging into YouTube just for the sake of... I don't know actually.

    Edit: forgot to thank Adam and Jon for being awesome. Would also like to apologize to Bert for that one incident. I forgive you even if you didn't say sorry and hopefully you forgive me, you are still my favorite. And well good luck to all of you.

    And a lesson : PLEASE don't take life for granted. Be thankful to wake up everyday. Dont waste your life and don't do drugs, or drink or anything. Unless you are willing to die, go ahead and do that so you can make our society better by taking yourself out of it. (just kidding dont go commiting suicide now)
    R.I.P. Mom n Dad

    I break obstacles...
    I break stereotypes...
    I break prejudice...
    I break assumptions...
    I break all opponents...
    ...who stand before me.
    I'm a bboy, and i break to any beat.

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    I often just see these threads as attention whoring we already have a leaving / returning thread


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