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Thread: The End

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    The End

    ok I was bored so I made a story about midget, people, sadness, love, angier, and best of all revenge so I will start it now

    It was a normal day at school it was my 6th period before gym and I was drawing because it was review again and then I started hearing winds and then I locl over at the window and I notice a head of a weird guy that looked like this o.0.

    Then midgets broke through the windows and started saying no time to explain but we need a kid name Jason Buchanan and we need the rest of you to follow Midget robert.

    Leader midget "Are you known as the Midget master Jason Buchanan?"

    Jason says "Yes what is it, whats happening, and how do you know me?"

    Leader midget "I am honored to meet you Master, My name is Jadog7 you created me and all the rest of us, but one of your creations turn evil and is more powerful than all of us and only you, me, Robert, and Nick and stop him"

    Jason "I remember you I made you in pivot...but how in the H*ll did you get out of pivot?"

    Jadog7 "All the midgets you make or any stick figure in the world go to this island that humans cant go to but sence the midget master broke the link between the 2 worlds everything has been in choas and if we donr stop him he will kill us all"

    Jason "So know what do we do?"

    Jadog7 "Get your friends Robert and Nick then meet back in this room, but go quick or it might be to late"
    so I run through the halls and find them and I say

    Jason "OMG, do you know the midgets I made in pivot?"

    Robert and Nick "Yeah."

    Jason "Well turns out the midget master I made is evil and wants to kill all of us and all the midgets I made will help us but mostly Jadog7 will help."

    Robert "I think you crazy but its better than being here."

    Nick "Sure why not next we can go see some elves and fling pigs."

    Jason "We can go see that latter but thist is more important."

    Nick " "

    So we went back and we see Jadog7 blast some nazi midgets away with his blaster arm and we say

    Jason "AWESOMENESS!"
    Robert "OMFG!"

    Nick "SWEET!"

    then he comes over and says

    Jadog7 "sorry turns out you made some nazis for a pivot war."

    Jason "Yeah...sorry about that."

    Jadog7 "It doesnt matter lets got on the LOL helicopter."

    so then we go to this secret base that no one has ever seen with spacial weapons being built and then he says we are here, so we enter the room and we see.
    KWNP, Jayther, Zack, Squirrel, and more people.

    KWNP "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! I thought they picked me because I was better than you people."

    Jayther "Welcome Jason do you like the HQ we built."

    Zack "...FISH!!!!"

    Squirrel "My squirrels are better "

    other people "sup"

    then I take my seat and they take there seats to.

    Jayther "ok lets get down to bisness, We all know or we should know the midget master Jason made is evil"

    KWNP "Really I never knew that even though it says The midget master went evil every where I look."

    Jason "Come on be need to be seroiuse."

    Nick "I think you are all nerds."

    Robert "This is boring.:

    Jadog7 "Order in here, GOD you people are weird and way we need to get a plan and not insult other people."

    so everyone gets quit and gets a plan ready and they are ready to go fight the MIDGET MASTER!

    So we head out Jadog7 in the front and KWNP near the pack in case enemies come (KWNP's specail power is to summon stuff) , and everyone is here

    Jayther "Ok take a left at the corner and if you hear something Squirrel will use his camo ability but most of all you guys must peotect Jason, Robert, and Nick."

    Jadog7 "You heard him we must not be loud and we must not let the enemy see us."

    so they walk and keep listening were to go until we hear a scream so we rush over there and we see the nazis with all kinds of people but the worst part is that they have JAMIE! So I rush over there and try to save her and she yells "JASON!!!!" but Jadog7 grabs me and says

    Jadog7 "Sorry, but if you die she will die any way but id we train you we can stop him and save here."

    So I watch as she and all the others go away and *crys a little*

    Jason "I hope I get strong enough to save her *looks up to were she is flying away* I will save her"

    so then Jason trains while they track down the midget master and every where they go places are in disater and they see no one and Jason gets very deprested but hinks about the parties he will get when he saves the world. Its been a month and they have found the base and KWNP says

    KWNP "We found it finally I cant wait til I can kick some nazi @$$"

    Squirrell "Let me put on the invisability thing I got so we can sneak in"

    KWNP "What but that takes out the fun of killing some midgets, I dont hate midgets"

    Squirrel "Well I dont care * puts up camo*"


    I will continue this tomorrow hope you like what I have so far
    YouTube rules

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    I read the beginning and all I gave to say is "WHAT THE FUCK"

    a segue between wind and midgets doesn't work out well

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    You really thought I'd bother reading THAT?
    i like fux

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xmpt
    Also, don't continue it.
    i like fux

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    Too long, did not read

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    Thats a gay wall of text you got there.

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    i like fux

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    Re: The End

    Quote Originally Posted by Jadog7
    ok I was bored so I made a story about midget, people, sadness, love, angier
    Stopped reading there. Spelling mistakes suck/fail.

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    You have good sight, or good ctrl+c, ctrl+v skills. Also your computer might be set to %500 magnification.

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    Robert: "This is boring."
    Thanks for pointing that out, Robert.

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