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    Amazing Victory over the raven's in Ot

    Sorry but my how is your Nfl Team doing thread is over a week old and i thought this should be mentioned the browns down 27 - 30 with 30 som seconds left made it down and made a 51 yard that was originally ruled incomplete, and was said not being abe to be revewed but was and we got a field goal We on the toss josh cribbs ran for 40 yards we got 2 first and we were in rane31 yard field goal to win it.

    The ravens threw an interception to one of the browns safety's i forget who and he returned for 100 yards.

    <iframe src="http://gamercard.xbox.com/theunluckyone.card" scrolling="no" frameBorder="0" height="140" width="204">http://gamercard.xbox.com/theunluckyone.card.</iframe>

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    We've already had like 2 of these topics about how your NFL team is doing, and they both died, and for the love of God, use some capitalization/punctuation in your next post...jeez... You must make your English teachers cry.


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