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    end of time

    This is unnecessary…

    Everyone is giving me crap about my old style, seriously, it isn’t a big deal nor any of your business. I don’t see why certain people in the DD community have to let things drag on and on. I have gotten many pm’s, peoples signatures are aimed at me, and One person in particular is spamming one of my friends threads! That is idiotic, Julian wasn’t even aiming it Directly towards me.

    Even after I get a new style, people don’t change? What the fuck is that?! One person, not saying any names, told me it was the same style with different sticks. Are you people blind with stupidity? Just let it go, and it will end! I don’t care if I get flamed for making this thread, I wanted to just say;
    Please, stop this non-scene. It is completely unnecessary! I apologize if I lost my temper towards you, but this is very annoying to me.

    And, I have worked this out with Julian, he are cool.
    So stop, if you are giving me shit, you are making it worse and a bigger deal
    than it was in the first place.
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    Srsly. >_>

    Ex-Intermediate Animator
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    Ex-Virgin (LOL JKS)

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    I'm coming onto MSN to sex you in a second.

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    Well said. People animate how they feel comfortable animating, not how others want them to. I mean, it's moving stick figures for crying out loud! Why do people get so torn up about how people move stick figures?

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    Agreed, people are being dumbasses. Like Max said, just stop it. I only hope this will not continue.

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    Everyones just shut up about styles already. No one can copyright a style, and most likely, someone already did it before you. So you're stealing someone else's...


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