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    Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Legends
    Lets Rock
    There is no doubt that Rock is the best music out there. But games that let lazy people try to learn the guitar or un-lazy people have fun playing a game based on the guitar was just no doubt a awesome idea. Now there isnt much competition in such games since it was mostly Guitar Hero for a while, but since rock band came into the picture, things have started to change.

    Now I proudly own Guitar 1, 2, 80's and 3, and also Rock Band. But there has been so much arguing with my friends on which one is better, I decided to use some opinions and facts to narrow the choice down. Now lets get some disadvantages and Advantages.

    Guitar Hero

    +Has been around for a while.

    +Great songs, from all ages of time.

    +Easy gameplay, a monkey could play it.

    +Very easy strumming and Hammer-ons/Pull-offs.

    +Decent Graphics.

    +Cheaper then Rock Band.

    +Lots of items to buy

    -Very easy to beat.

    -Not a very realistic guitar.

    -Can get a little bit repetitive.

    -Gets boring after some time.

    Rock Band

    +Lots of songs.

    +Great Graphics.

    +Customizable Character.

    +Guitar, Bass, Singing and Drums.

    +Up to 4 players can play at a time.

    +Takes longer to beat.

    +Cool items to buy.

    +Great for the whole family

    -More Money

    -Harder Strumming and Hammer-ons/Pull-offs

    Thats my review, I like rock band better, its got a wide selection of songs and instruments to play. But I still suggest buying both, because its all a matter of opinion. And the both ROCK!

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    I like guitar hero better, better songs. rock band has like no metal songs except for enter sandman and a few others.

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    I would say guitar hero also, it costs less, and i don't want to feel like an idiot standing there singing. plus the songs mainly suck.

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    I like GH3, good game while having a sugar rush or drunk

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    Re: Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    I liked Guitar Hero 1. Guitar Hero 2 had a horrible song list in my opinion, and while Guitar Hero 3 wasn't as bad, it still can't compare to all the songs I knew from the first GH.

    If we're strictly comparing GH3 and Rock Band, I'd go with Rock Band.

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    Re: Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    I got rock band first and I thought it was so great because the graphics were better, but just last week I got GH3 and noticed that I love the songs on it. Also, GH is harder because the notes come fast, but that also makes it more fun.

    Rock band is good, but guitar hero is a bit more fun.

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    Re: Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    I prefer either one, but Rock Band's controller is horribly unresponsive. So I jsut use a GH controller for both.

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    Re: Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    i prefer gh, its suitably challenging on hard/expert, and its easier to pickup and play in comparison to rock band imo
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    Re: Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    Ok sure guitar hero 3 is ok but its not really a party game IMO sure you can do 2 player but you're not having a good time you're just sitting staring at the tv and they throw extra notes in for no reason. Rock band on the other hand Has note charts closer to the original songs (I know im a guitarist) It's a party atmosphere and you can make (Realistic) Characters,make your own designs,And they have wicked dlc.Now lets have another look at guitar hero 3 1)They look fugly and unrealistic 2)The guitar is less realistic than rock bands 3)It's the exact same thing for the 4th time /Rant over.

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    Re: Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    I dislike the non-clickyness of the strumming in Rock Band, although it's annoying when it does click on GH. I like them both, but I like GH better.

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