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Thread: A...Hiatus.

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    Yes, I'm going to be taking a small break from DD to get all the crap that seems to be my schedule put back together. I hate to say that it is in relative disarray, due to my overwhelming procrastination.

    Hopefully, I won't be gone long. Perhaps a week, maybe a month, but likely no longer.

    I made this thread mostly because the Leaving/Returning thread got killed. As such, I'm simply informing you that I'll be back. This is also to apologize to anyone with whom my services have been required. This includes ZAv2, and KRZ's Sig shop. When I return, these will likely be gone.

    Now, I've invested far to much time into DD.org, So you're sure to see me around here once again.

    See you soon.

    (Mods, if this topic seems to require locking, feel absolutely free to do so. I'd hate to cause a ruckus as I depart)
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    Re: A...Hiatus.

    Well, have a good time off DD. ALso ZAv2 will not die. Spaz and every one else will keep it alive for your return.
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    Re: A...Hiatus.



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