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    SOTW - Bullshit Of The Week


    No fucking way should I have won that. Raf and chaotic kid won hands down. I appreciate the votes and all but come on, 16 votes? I'm not one to blow my own trumpet but for fuck sake, I haven't animated in what, 2-3 years? I'm just a nobody now. Vote for the entries that are actually good, not the ex-elite's entry.

    I don't care if this gets locked, just wanted to say that. Raf and chaotic kid for the real win.

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    Re: SOTW - Bullshit Of The Week

    I kinda' like yours.

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    Re: SOTW - Bullshit Of The Week

    I thought Ck and Seaweed were fucking awesome.

    I don't really think you should have gotten that many votes, I liked yours but there's like, nothing going on at all :/

    Brad's post 2008, all rights reserved.

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    Re: SOTW - Bullshit Of The Week

    I just saw yours Darren and think.
    That's shit.
    How the hell did you get 16 Votes?

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    Re: SOTW - Bullshit Of The Week

    Looking at the sigs, people voted for who you are/were, not for what you actually did.
    I suggest making the contestants anonymous on the next one, and putting the votes like : Sig 1, Sig 2, Sig 3 and so on. Then announcing the names at the end of the voting.

    Since I'm pretty there's not going to be a re-voting I may as well lock the thread before it turns into a spamfest.


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