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    Free Rider tracks

    I know there was alot of threads made for this before, but I just finished doing my ultimate awesome track.

    It's not that hard, you get the best experience using the Moutnain Bike and I could suggere you watching your speed before kicking any jump, ofently, the landing is tricky.

    -18 1i 18 1i,18 1k 73 25,6k 25 io 3d o4 3d qn 2f sb 1a t2 2 t2 36,38c kr 3c8 hf,3c8 ha 3e5 gd 3ep gi,3se j6 3t5 iq 3up iq 400 j8 43l ks,43a km 46k m8,46m m8 4b9 n9 4g1 nd 4ja n2 4mm m8 4pq kq 4rc j6 4sv gl 4tm fs 4uh fi 4v6 fo 4ve g7 4v2 gd 4ud gd,4uu gf 4uu gp 4uj gr 4u9 gr,4un gr 4un h2,4ul h4 4ub ha 4ts ha,4ud ha 4u5 hm 4to ho 4ti ho,3sa j6 3s6 jr,3s8 jr 3sl k1 3st jv,3st jt 3st jp,3st jj 3st k1 3t5 k3 3tg k1 3tg jr 3tb jl 3tg jr,3to jt 3tu jr 3tu jn 3u0 k7 3u6 k7,3el gd 3ev gr,3f1 gr 3f1 h6,3f1 h8 3ev he,3et hg 3en hg,3el hg 3eh hg 3ef ha,3eh ha 3ec hk 3e4 ht 3e0 hg,3e0 hc 3dm hi 3dd hi,3df hc 3df hr,3df i1 3db ih,3d9 ih 3d3 if,3d3 i9 3d3 i5 3d3 i9,5ga mb 5k7 mq 5o6 mq 5pn ml,17h -p 19k k 1d0 21,1go 2n 1jr 2s,1ct 23 1gq 2n,1jn 2q 1n5 2v 1re 36,2mr ig 2sk ko 30o lm 34q m5,38e ko 347 m5,17m -k 180 34,5pa mq 5t2 m6 63a ku 69s jm 6k6 i4,6js i4 6nu i4 6ti jc 6ts 1lo,6ts 1le 6sk 2b0,cum 46m dfs 46m,cum 46m cum 470 d2e 470 d2e 47a d2o 47a d2o 470 dbq 470 dbq 47a dc4 47a dc4 470,9sj 2qc a2r 2v7 a9g 34g ah2 39j,ah0 39j an5 3cu,anu 3do b2g 3hq,ao3 3dq an3 3ct,b2c 3ho b5s 3i9 b8o 3i2 bb8 3h2 bcv 3f3 bdr 3cr bdu 3bg,bdv 3bg bef 3h7 bf7 3m6 bfu 3or bi1 3u1,7f7 qp 7jb te 7ob vc 7ur 10s 84h 11i,9sk 2qd 9np 2m3 9jd 2gu,9j8 2gs 9cq 28m,bhu 3tr bkh 41o bo9 44v bsg 470 c0i 485 c7e 49g ce2 49s chj 49l ck3 47p ck5 49n,ei9 6a5 epf 6iq f2i 6pl fia 716 g10 749 gcl 74c gru 747,grg 744 h54 734 hh2 71c,hjq 6pf hjn 6qi hjb 6s3 hin 6tf hhs 6uf hgb 6vo hem 70i hc2 71c h9a 71u h4a 72r gur 73o,dc4 46v die 46v die 46l,di9 46l dfn 46l,hh1 71f hmo 70m,ei7 6a5 eaq 5uh e5d 5jg,e5b 5jg e2c 5at,hmj 70o ihm 6vb its 6us,hmi 6ua i6t 6tm iu8 6sr,j2u 6t0 jh3 6t5,k2p 71u k97 731 keq 749 khs 74t klc 75c kqp 75q kv5 75r l30 75m l7h 756 lcc 748 lg9 730,lln 71o m06 6ui,lln 71o lll 722 lll 72c lls 72h lm6 72i lm7 72a lm4 71r llq 71k,lm4 72h m0j 6v9 m0j 6uq m0b 6ud lup 6uv,lls 722 llt 728,mm8 6vb mqk 6u6 mtn 6te n12 6t0 n5v 6t0 ndl 6ta nmq 6tt o14 6vb,o11 6v9 o63 6um obn 6th oga 6rr,ogd 6rr olh 6p7,pif 70i pks 6ut pmt 6tv pq8 6sp pu4 6s9 q45 6s0 qa0 6s0 qas 6s7 qd4 6t3,qd6 6t5 qhk 6v4,qhi 6v2 qnq 721 qsr 73p,qsk 73n r4p 758 rfg 75t rjl 75a rml 74n rr7 72d rtp 6vu,psl 6t5 p49 6nu,p44 6o0 pqt 70d,pl9 6vn p20 6tm pj6 71v,pfv 73m p2h 73r pes 75d,pao 78u p09 7bv p9i 7b6,pmf 6rq pue 6s9,qa5 6rv qdv 6se qcq 6t0,sl2 7bb sqm 7gg sve 7jd,svb 7jd t49 7l6,t47 7l6 tao 7mg,tao 7me tfr 7mg tkp 7li tq2 7j3,u3j 7fq u2j 7gl u2b 7hh u2e 7ie u2m 7j5,u3a 7g3 u2r 7hc u2r 7i0 u2r 7it u2r 7jn,u2t 7gt u2g 7ho,u2g 7ho u2g 7ip,u2g 7ir u2g 7ja,u3j 7fp u6v 7f6 u9r 7f1 udm 7f1 ukk 7f1 uq3 7f1,v39 7is v7e 7jh vbe 7ka vf7 7l7 vij 7lm,vin 7lm vn8 7lo vq1 7l7,vit 7lm vi8 7lk,vpt 7l7 vqq 7ke vs0 7k8,107c 7m0 10ed 7pb,10ed 7pe 10hr 7sa 10l2 7ug 10oi 800 10sn 80c 10uv 7v9 10v9 80a,11gn 86h 11ld 891 11qv 8c5 11up 8dp 1246 8eu 129t 8fd,129v 8fd 12cu 8f8 12hd 8e8,12ha 8ea 12ll 8d0 12op 8br 12sq 8ai 1302 89u 134h 89i 139p 89i 13jt 89n 13us 8ae 1440 8aq,143u 8aq 1470 8al 14as 89i 14ds 87u 14fo 85v,14fo 85t 14hj 83i 14k1 830 14mt 82r 157v 83j,hmm 6u9 hj5 6tv,v3c 7j1 uq0 7f4 uph 7f4 v3e 7jd,upm 7f6 upm 7fj,upr 7fl v3c 7jv,us1 7gj v39 7o3,uuj 7hu v32 7m0,17s 34 1a6 1ja,t0 2n u8 1ji 1a6 1j1,u3 1je us 1ba vq 1jg 101 191 117 1je 11e 175 12u 1j9 13k 141 15e 1j6 15e 16m 170 1j4 170 18i 18a 1j6 18i 1at 1a4 1j1,1ra 35 1v2 3k 22l 4k 25c 5s,25a 5s 284 7m 2er ct 2mp id,5ga ma 5e7 lm 5c3 kv,5c1 kv 597 ip 57i g9 56s eq 560 en,563 en 55a en 54r f6 54r fj 55h fq,555 fo 54r g4 550 ge 55a ge 55p ge,54t gh 54r gm,54t go 550 h0 557 h2 55f h2,555 h2 550 ha 55a hm 55p hm,-1a 1l -1a -a2,ck1 49b cl2 5ho,enr 6gu eqg 6jg,f0j 6o9 f46 6qf,fgc 70a fk7 71l,fvk 740 g3j 74a,g0p 742 frf 734,go7 747 gsj 740,mma 6va mi3 6vr mae 6v0 md5 718 mfe 729 mha 732,mlt 6va mia 71q mha 72v,tbq 7mb t98 7m6,tlo 7l1 tjf 7lq,tgq 7m6 tf1 7mg,tpv 7j5 trj 7i9,vq8 7ks vp3 7ld,vnt 7lg vme 7ln,10ea 7pd 10i2 7se,10kd 7u5 10lb 7uk,10nr 7vn 10p6 7vv,10tf 801 10rm 80b,10s5 806 10qq 806,10s2 804 10sp 804,10t0 804 10ub 7vl,10u1 7vl 10sf 809,11gk 86j 11fe 86h 11c8 86h,11gr 86j 11g7 86j,157q 83j 15b3 83r,15b1 83r 15au 8jp 16im 8j6,15b1 83q 15bl 84q 15f8 894 15l1 8dv 15qd 8gr,15qa 8gs 161n 8je,16im 8j2 16i9 7vl 189o 7vi,168m 8jb 16b1 8j1 16e2 8ik 16ff 8i8 16g8 8hr 16gv 8h0 16hl 8f6 16ht 8df 16i2 8av 16i4 856 16i8 7vl#6ti jc 6t8 io 6t8 ie 6t8 hq 6t8 gs 6t8 fu 6ti fa 6ug d4 6v4 cg 6ve c6,6t8 gs 6ti fu 6ti fk 6ts fu,6ti fu 6ti gs 6ti gi 6ts f0 6ts ec,6ts f0 6ug do,6t8 i4 6t8 hq,6t8 gi 6t8 fu,6ve cg 70c bs 71a bs 71u bs 728 cg 728 cq,71a bs 71u c6,728 d4 728 de,71u do 71u e2,71k ec 71a f0,71a fa 70c h6 6v4 j2,6uq jc 6u6 jm,6ts jm 6ti jm 6ti j2,6ti jc 6ti ie,6ti g8 6u6 em,6ug ec 6uq do,6uq de 702 d4 70m d4 710 d4 710 de,702 d4 710 d4 710 e2 70c fk 6ve h6,710 d4 710 do,710 e2 70c fu,70c cq 71a cg 71a cq,71a d4 710 e2,710 ec 70c fk,702 fu 6v4 hq 6u6 io 6ts io 6ts hq 6ti gi,6ts io 6ti hq,6ts g8 6ts f0,6u6 e2 6uq de,6v4 de 6vo cq,702 cq 70m cq,70m ec 702 fu,6vo g8 6v4 hq,6uq hq 6ug ie 6ts io,6ts gi 6ts fa,6ug f0 6uq e2,6v4 do 6vo d4,6v4 hg 6ug i4 6ts i4 6ti hq,6v4 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2qd ab4 2qd ab4 2oh a7u 2oh a80 2pk,a91 2p5 aaj 2p2 aaj 2pm a93 2pm a93 2p7,abe 2oj abm 2u5,abh 2oo ae3 2or ae6 2pu ac2 2pu aca 2qn adi 2qn adi 2rg aca 2rg ack 2u7 abm 2u5,aeg 2ot ai0 2ot ai0 2q3 agj 2q3 agj 2u2 afg 2u2 afg 2q3 aeg 2q3 aeg 2ot,hgs 71f hmp 70k,hk5 6ph hf2 6on hhd 6nk hm2 6on,hf2 6oq hev 6qb hea 6rb hcp 6sq hap 6u0 h7d 6v3,h77 6v3 gu1 70q gnt 716,gno 716 gfh 716,gfh 713 g6n 70k,g6k 70f fs5 6v0 fla 6sn fe4 6on f6b 6im,f68 6id eua 69p,eu4 69p enj 60u,enl 60r eif 5lq eeo 57q,ea3 5ak ec9 5in edf 5if ebf 5a0 e9t 5a8 ea0 5b3,eg9 5tc eko 66a em1 65l ehi 5si eg4 5t9,es4 6da er1 6ea f1m 6ks f2j 6k2 es7 6da,fb2 6qh fik 6v0 fj8 6u0 fc2 6p8 fb2 6qk,fvc 713 g9i 720 g9d 73b fv9 72b fvc 710,gm7 72b h18 718 h18 729 gmg 736 gm2 72b,h1h 70e h1n 713 h2t 716,hdc 70q hd3 70b hce 70e,fur 6vk ftt 6vk fu0 708 ftq 70b,flt 71k fme 710 fn6 710,g0l 729 fvt 72h g03 72q,f7p 6km f65 6km f5p 6lb,epu 6bv eoa 6bv eoj 6cj ep1 6cv,el7 60o eju 60i,ef1 5n6 ee6 5n6 ee6 5no,ee9 5no eef 5nr,eh7 5hh ego 5i3 efi 5hk,e50 5be e5t 5b0 e6i 5b3,hm8 6s7 i5d 6re,itn 6up iv9 6tu iu6 6t5 iud 6rv iv9 6rg iv9 6qi,i5b 6re iun 6q8 iv6 6qn iv6 6r8,j3p 6q0 j4d 6qs j46 6rb j38 6ri j2u 6t4 j46 6to j30 6um jgh 6uu jf9 6th jhp 6sv jhu 6rd jgc 6qi jgc 6pr j3n 6pu,jnu 6tr jlm 6t2 jl7 6uc jni 6vs,jlo 6va jji 70s,jjl 70s jk6 71l jlr 70b,jlr 706 jlo 6v8,jni 724 jmm 73k job 74p,job 74i jnf 724,jp6 6u5 jni 6va jni 706 jp9 71e jrf 71g,jnp 6tt jpb 6sq jrm 6th jt3 706,jt6 706 jt6 727 jt8 748 jqo 748 jqt 71e,jon 70v jo3 71v,jo6 71v jp6 72h,jp6 729 jpo 71b,jqt 764 jon 76e,joq 76e joq 77o jr0 77o,jr0 77h jqo 766,jlj 74k jip 753 jip 76g,jiu 76g jkq 76b,jkq 766 jl9 74k,jsa 74u jqo 75d,jqr 75d jrm 766 jsd 74i,hnd 6tt hnd 6um i1d 6uh i1d 6tc hnd 6tt,i9u 6st i9u 6tr ikk 6tm iki 6se i9k 6sq,j30 6sb jbr 6sb jbr 6th j3a 6th,iud 6s4 ita 6s4 ita 6t9 iuf 6t7,j1m 6r6 j0v 6qu j0o 6rd j1j 6r6,j0o 6se j01 6sg j09 6st,j0g 6sj j0o 6sg,ivi 6uk j01 6uk j04 6v5,j04 6v3 ivd 6uk,j2p 6tj j25 6tj j27 6u2,j2a 6u2 j2h 6tm,j2f 6qa j2a 6q5 j2k 6pp,j2k 6q0 j2k 6qk j27 6q5,j2c 6pu j2k 6pr,lg7 72v lh2 725 lh8 70m lgj 6vh leg 6ub lbf 6ud,k37 6vt k8p 70t kep 728,ken 728 kli 739 krq 73g l3f 73d l9b 72n ldv 71n led 71h leg 717 leg 70o leg 70e led 705 ldu 6vq ldb 6vm lck 6vq lc3 704 lb5 705 lb4 6vm,lb5 6vm lbr 6v9 lbh 6v2 lb9 6ut la9 6v7,la9 6v6 la9 6ui,la9 6ug laq 6u6 lal 6tq lav 6t6,lav 6t5 lav 6t0 lc3 6ta let 6tf lgj 6tn lhd 6uo lhm 6vh lhn 70c lhm 71n lhf 72d,lhf 72f lh2 739 lg5 73v leq 74e,leo 74e lc3 757 lb7 75c,lbr 757 l3n 76n,l3p 76m kqd 77a,kqa 77a ki6 76m k99 752 k1k 73i k1p 72k,k1q 72k k26 72p,k28 72n k23 720,k1v 71r k1k 71k,k1k 71i k2g 71a k31 71p,k34 71r k36 71h,k36 71f k36 712,k36 70t k2q 70c,k2t 709 k2t 6vv k39 6vq,k1d 6vg jvo 6vb jv9 6vm,jv9 6vv jvr 6vr k07 6vc,k08 6vc k0r 6vc,k10 6vc k1f 6vh,k08 70t jve 718,jv5 71c juo 71s,juo 71u jur 720 jv9 71s,jve 71r jvk 71p,jvt 71m jvt 71c,k05 718 k07 710,k07 70t jvu 70r,jv5 70f ju2 70c,jtv 709 jt1 709 jt6 70o jtd 70m,jte 70k ju4 70f,ju9 70f juj 70f,k10 721 k0h 72g,k0f 72g k0r 72u k0u 72u,k18 72q k18 72a k10 723,jv0 731 jug 733 juj 73e,jur 73i jv0 73i,jv2 73i jv2 734,jv2 731 juv 72s,l88 6t0 l78 6sp l6k 6tf l7m 6ti,l7p 6ta l7p 6sr,la6 6vq l9g 705,l9g 709 l9t 70f la6 6vl,l7h 6vj l6a 700,l6a 702 l6k 70h,l6m 70h l7i 6vr l77 6vh,lvt 6us lvp 6us lpe 70r,ltl 6vq lmm 71u,lr3 6vq lpq 70j lrd 712,lrk 6vj lsq 6vr lru 710 ls1 700 lra 6vm lqm 70a lrc 712,lr2 6vo lr0 6uv lrn 6uv lri 6vm,lr8 6uv lri 6u6 lrs 6tn ls5 6tb ls5 6t1 ls1 6si lrm 6s8 lrc 6rt lr5 6rh lr5 6qq lrc 6q6 lrr 6pe lrs 6on,lrr 6ol lpe 6oi lod 6ob lns 6ns lng 6n8,lng 6n7 lng 6mj lni 6lm lnl 6kj lnu 6jp,lnv 6jl loj 6iu lpl 6if lqh 6i8,lpo 6ic lr2 6i7,lqs 6i9 ls8 6i9 ls8 6hq luh 6i1 lue 6ie,lt2 6hu lt1 6hk,lto 6hu lto 6hl,lsv 6hl lc5 6h4 lcc 6ga lt5 6hd lce 6gg,ltf 6hd mhg 6i3 mhg 6il ltn 6hk,mhc 6ii ltr 6hh,lt2 6hl lt2 6kd m02 6jf lth 6hj,lt0 6he lsf 6fk lsu 6fi ltk 6hc,ltc 6i2 lta 6js lv8 6ja,lqn 6iu lpf 6j5 lod 6ju lo2 6l3 lo2 6mh lof 6n9 lp6 6nf lqq 6nf lqn 6it,lpk 6jh lop 6k3 loh 6kp,lrm 6on lvt 6on m1o 6oa m36 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8d0 166a 8fl 165a 8fq 1655 8ei,166i 8cr 1673 8fb 1684 8f4 167q 8da 168g 8cu 168q 8es 169c 8el 1692 8cr 169m 8cm 169r 8ed 16ah 8e8 16a7 8b7 167i 8br,16a7 8b9 16ak 8b2 16b5 8b2 16bf 8du 16ah 8e8,16a2 8aj 16ap 8ag 16ap 89n 16a0 89q 16a0 8aj#T cur 442,T sm8 790,T k46 6vm,T 14ip 80t,T 16cl 8gb,T 16e9 8ek,T 16g8 8gg,T 16fc 8hr,T 16dj 8hr,T 6ug gs

    The code is truly enormous, due to the large amount of backgrounds and details.

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    Re: Free Rider tracks

    [center:15cesajl]I'm gone, but I loved my time here. Thank you all for being such a great community![/center:15cesajl]


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