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    wish granted game

    A game I got off another forum. This is how it works. I'll say a wish that I want to come true. For example:

    I wish I was 10 ft. tall.
    Then the next person to post says something that makes the wish useless or bad, like this:

    Wish granted but you keep hitting your head on door frames and tree branches
    Then the 2nd person will make a wish and it goes on like for as long as it can. Here's a demonstration:

    I wish I had a cookie
    Wish granted but the cookie is poisonous. I wish I had a pony.
    Wish granted but the pony has a disease and dies after 1 hour. I wish I had 1,000,000 dollars
    Wish granted but the price of the dollar drops so much that 1,000,000 dollars is equivalent to 1 dollar
    You get the picture.

    I'll start:

    I wish I could fly.

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    Re: wish granted game

    Wish Granted but you crashed into a plane. I wish I become a famous singer
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    Re: wish granted game

    Wish granted, but your fans find out you were lip-syncing and took everything you owned. I wish this thread would get locked...
    See You Space Honkboy...

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    Re: wish granted game

    Wish granted but suddently it opens again.
    I wish I could be a banana.
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    Re: wish granted game

    Why did you repost this?

    It going to locked again.


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    Re: wish granted game




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