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Thread: Man, I'm bored

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    Man, I'm bored

    On the World Wide Web, in the forum country, there exists a group of creatures called “Trolls.” This group is a sworn protector of “Bandom Fandom” and will do whatever they can to get banned, and sometimes even try to break their way back in through the ban to get banned again. They experience great pleasure from getting banned. It is basically their brand of Heroin, or Crack. Biologists theorize that it might be an anti-drug to them, or maybe that it is a way for them to feed. They are extremely dangerous, and all attempts to try and make peace with them have failed. Any scientific research about these creatures is impossible because anyone that gets anywhere close to it gets killed too quickly to escape or survive. Only one human has ever come out from a Troll attack, but died shortly after from either blood loss, the acid dissolving his body from the toes, or the deadly poison where it seems the troll bit him in the ear. The body was found several days after the incident. Trolls are commonly mistaken for Spammers, which are much more common, but much less deadly. Any more information about Trolls is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Man, I'm bored



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