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Thread: Shitty days

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    Shitty days

    So, as some of you might know, today was my birthday. Supposed to be a fun, cool day, right? Not the case. My dad got horribly sick and couldn't cook me the great birthday dinner he promised. He wanted to buy me a present on his way home from work, but he got sick at his work so he came straight home. He's contagious, so we had to cancel the party that I had planned. So for my birthday dinner, I had to eat undercooked rice with cheese. I'm almost in a hurry to go to sleep.

    So, anybody else ever have a shitty day?

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    Re: Shitty days

    Yeah i had a pretty bad birthday once.

    I spent ALL of my actual birthday in the back of a car occasionally stopping for food or water.
    Then again the next day i got to go to dream world with my best friend, so it all evened out

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    Re: Shitty days

    On my birthday this year, my parents didn't even notice. And I couldn't be stuffed reminding them, we went to this planetarium thing on that day though, it was pretty cool. But we spent like 6 hours in the car, which kinda sucked. And than after a week my parents forgot it was my birthday before and kept saying sorry. Lolz.


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