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    If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen?

    Darkdemon Portal RETURN!!!! Sign petition

    I and many of the other members on the forum would like to have the pivot portal back up on Darkdemon.

    I suck balls

    This is just to show Adam that it would be a benefit in having the Portal back up.

    Don't say it is too much work Adam, because there was one before.
    I'm prepared to wait until the end of next year if it takes that long.

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    Re: Darkdemon Portal RETURN!!!! Sign petition

    We would all like it up, but Adam has already said no. So be it.

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    Re: Darkdemon Portal RETURN!!!! Sign petition

    BATMAN I work full time, therefore I have no time to develop anything further.
    I'm not 15 like yourself. I have priorities far greater than the forum. So stop complaining.
    For the record when I made the previous one I had nothing to do, pretty much zero life and no priorities.

    Next time use some common sense.


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