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    I Dare You To: GOLDEN DARE 2!

    Welcome. I am hosting a litle game in which I will give you some dares, and you are to complete them for either points or a prize(depending on the difficulty of the dare) They may range from doing things irl, or doing something crazy on the interwebs.

    How it's going down.
    -You are to use pictures to prove what you have done, unless I say otherwise in the dare description.
    -Google is not allowed.
    -No old pictures.
    -Once a dare is completed, the person who completed it will be allowed to PM me a
    dare to take add to the list, I will decide how many points it is worth, and I can deny it if I wish. The creator of a dare is not able to get points from doing his/her own dares.

    Remz: 0
    Potchi: 95
    VECTORflash: 0
    Streak: 0
    Makoto: 0
    Begreat: 110
    Numb: 0
    Matiash: 75
    Niall: 0
    Starsailor: 70
    AaronKim: 45
    Darky: 0
    Plush: 145
    Flaming Wolf: 0
    Jim.Bob: 15
    Fail: 0
    Transparent: 300
    Flow: 100
    Ashtar: 15
    BATMAN: 0
    Nour: 0

    Media-Hungry - Take a picture of yourself biting a CD. 5 points
    Monkey-ing around - Get a picture taken of you dangling from a tree branch. 5 points
    Bombs Away! - Hit your mother or father with a paper ball. (Video) 10 points
    Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk - Dump a drink on your kitchen floor, and take a picture. 20 points
    Heading to China - Dig a waist-deep hole, and climb in. Pictures. 20 points
    Like a Dog After a Car - Get somebody to take a video of you chasing a car and barking. 15 points
    Social Sally! - Video an interview with a stranger. 25 points
    I Be Strokin' - Picture of you touching a girl's ass. 30 points
    Power UP! - Get a video of you downing an energy drink. 15 points
    Worship Me - Write "I <3 BP" on one of the walls in your house and take a picture of the wall. 30 points
    Dinner Time - Yeah, just find a nice table. And lick it. 10 points
    Dirty Mind - Stick your head in a trash bin. 5 points
    Vegetarian - OMNOM on a nice plant. (Cooked veggies don't count) 5 points
    Sportsman - Jump over something. (video) 5 points
    Awkward Advertising - Explain to one of your friends or family(who don't know) about darkdemon.org (video) 25 points
    NO MOMMY - Yell something at one of your parents. Or both. (video) 15 points
    Eat Your Greens! - Munch on a $20 bill. 5 points
    Now That's A Talent - Do a handstand with chocolate in your mouth. 15 points
    BOO! - Scare a family member. (video) 10 points
    I Hate My Life - Dress like an emo kid. 20 points
    Who Needs Hands? - Hold a book up with your feet. 5 points
    Bird Cannon - Egg a car. 100 points *
    Is that a crackhead? - Act like you are on drugs in a public place. (video) 35 points
    Parkour? Run on the top of a car. (video) 10 points
    A Touch Of Red
    - Throw a tomato at a wall. (pic or vid) 15 points
    The Media Speaks Lies. DESTROY IT. - Shatter a CD. (pic or vid) 5 points
    Pyromaniac - Set something on FIRE. 20 points
    Dodge This - Start a random game of dodgeball in a public place. 35 points
    F*ck The World - Put one of that finger up high for all to see. ;D 10 points
    HULK SMASH - Punch a hole in your wall. (video or picture) 50 points


    Avatar - 100 points
    Signature - 300 points
    ???? - 500 points
    ???? -900 points

    The ones in '?' are mystery prizes.

    *Disclaimer: If you do this, and somehow get into some trouble, remember- I didn't make you do it.

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    Re: I Dare You To

    Sounds like Darren's achievement game.

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    Re: I Dare You To

    But members can actually get something from this, and it's only use of pictures.

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    Re: I Dare You To

    Ill give it a shot, count me in... i guess
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    Re: I Dare You To

    Count me in sir.
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    Re: I Dare You To

    Fuck, nothing else to do, count me in.

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    Re: I Dare You To


    Love things.

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    Re: I Dare You To

    I want to be in... :\
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    [center:3jvto3gf]Lmao, Knock Out![/center:3jvto3gf]

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    Re: I Dare You To


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    Re: I Dare You To

    In this fo' reeeeeeeeeal

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