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    The Flamers Thread

    Like why flame?
    Flaming Over Something dumb is fucking retarded... even if i havent done anything

    Prime Example: .va
    He always has something mean to say to me and Ooo Let me let you guys read this PM he sent me

    You are a super noob. You don't need damn comments to get better. Read baha's fucking tutorial, leave the forum for a few months, animating to yourself and fixing problems, and then come back and get fucking inters.
    Also, you're not High Beginner. And try Not to type Liek This.
    It's fucking annoying. Make a capital after a period, exclamation point, or a question mark. And make your i's capital when they aren't part of a word. And, to finish this shit off,

    Today in the Animation with me and Crono: Joint
    He posted this

    "Now come the hundreds of personal messages asking for a joint...
    Joint was alright. Didn't like Soda's parts too much. Beginners, eh?"

    WTF? I havent done anything.... and here is what the Joint looks like here

    Just Post Flamers or Comment about my Flame in this thread Im just really venting my anger because i dont want to flame him back and then he reports me
    My Thread
    Formally Known as Exhaust

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    Re: The Flamers Thread

    If you have a problem with another member, please PM a member of staff.

    If you PM me a screenshot of this PM, I can do something about it.



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