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Thread: Free Rider 2

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    Free Rider 2

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    Create a track, save it (the floppy disc) then post the code (in a code box!) here.
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    Re: Free Rider 2

    Really? , are you sure?

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    Re: Free Rider 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Vanguard
    Really? , are you sure?
    Shh youu

    About time for one of these threads, and reminded me of FR2.. Use the Search, find the older threads, there are loads there, but I'll make one right now.

    EDIT: Can't be bothered. Here are all my old tracks:

    -u cg -u ak 1s cg -u cg,50 de 8o de 8o e2 50 e2 50 de,8o do ak do ak fu 7g fu 7g e2,6i e2 6i gs 8o gs 8o fu,8o gi c6 gi c6 fu ak fu,de ec jm ec jm em de em de ec,fa em fa gs kk gs,kk em kk gs,kk em jm em,jc ec jc e2 li e2 o2 e2 o2 em li em,li e2 li fu kk fu,ne em ne fa pa fa,om do pa do pa fa,om do o2 do o2 e2,gs gs gs li i4 li i4 gs,i4 ie ne ie ne fa,n4 ie n4 li r6 li r6 oc i4 oc i4 mg,n4 li n4 mg gi mg gi gs,i4 no h6 no h6 mg,rg no r6 no,rg no rg qs,qi qs se qs se t2 ka t2,pu tc pu t2,12c tc 12c uu,156 t2 rq t2,156 t2 156 tc 15g tc 15g uu 12c uu,156 tc pu tc,15g uk 15q uk 15q 12m uu 12m uu tc,u0 tc u0 v8 uu v8,15q v8 164 v8 164 10g 16e 10g 16e 114 15q 114 16o 114 16o 13u 18k 13u 18k 122 16o 122,164 10g 15q 10g,18k 12m 198 12m 198 16e 130 16e 130 12m,198 156 1du 156 1du 148 1du 172 1es 172 1es 148 1fg 148 1fg 1aq 1fq 1aq 1fq 19i 1fq 18u,1es 148 1e8 148 1du 148,1es 14i 1fg 14i 1fg 18a 18a 18a 18a 16e,18a 172 1du 172,1fq 13k 1fq 198,1fq 13k 1ge 13k 1ge 164 1fq 164 1iu 164 1iu 19i 1fq 19i,1fq 148 1fg 148,1fq 1a6 1le 1a6,kk t2 jc t2 jc oc,76 jc 76 q8 9m q8 5a q8 5a so a0 so a0 q8 9c q8,9m so 9m 14i 5u 14i 5u so,76 jc 84 jc 84 q8,84 ku 92 ku,92 j2 92 ku,92 j2 50 j2 50 rg 5a rg,21u 164 21u 18a 22i 18a 22i 164 21u 164 21u 130 244 130 244 18a,21u 180 21a 180 21a 18u 236 18u 236 180 22i 180,21a 18k 20m 18k 20m 198 202 198 202 1bo 26a 1bo 26a 18a 236 18a,20m 198 23q 198 23q 18k 236 18k,202 19s 1ve 19s 1ve 1da 278 1da 278 1b4 26a 1b4,1ve 1aq 1uq 1aq 1uq 1e8 27s 1e8 27s 1cm 278 1cm,21u 13k 21k 13k 21k 122 25c 122 25c 13k 244 13k,21k 12m 20c 12m 20c v8 252 v8 252 122,210 12m 210 130 21k 130,20c 122 1vo 122 1vo tm 20m tm 20m v8,1ge 14i 1i0 164,1da 156 1da 14s 1du 14s,1f6 148 1f6 13u 1fq 13u,1iu 16o 1ji 16o 1ji 17c,1kg 17c 1iu 17c,1kg 17c 1kg 19i,1k6 19i 1le 19i 1le 1a6,1k6 19s 1k6 198 1iu 198,1ik 19i 1ik 19s 1k6 19s,4c 198 o2 198 o2 19i 4c 19i 4c 198,5a 19i 5a 1be mq 1be n4 1be n4 19i,a0 1be a0 1cc i4 1cc i4 1be,cq 1cc cq 1d0 fk 1d0 fk 1cc##T hq 18k,T e2 18k,T ak 18k,G 20m 180 47,B 1s0 1qo 8e,G 1s0 1qo b8,G 1os 1qo b8,G 1ti 1b4 5k,G 1lo 12m 2q,G 1mc 13k 2q,G 1n0 156 2q,G 1mm 16o 2q,G 1m2 18a 2q,G t2 v8 8e,G 1h2 1qo b8,G 1ik 1qo b8,G 1k6 1qo b8,G 1na 1qo b8,G 1lo 1qo b8,G 9m jc 5k,B 0 3e 5k,B 0 4c 5k,B -a bi 1d,B a bs 1d,B u c6 1d

    -1a 1h -s 1t n 1t 17 1h 17 1m,17 1h -1b 1h,-h 1u -c 25 8 25 d 1u,-7 27 -7 6p -9 ep,2 27 2 6m 1 eq,r 1r 13 1r 42 3t 46 40,13 1r 13 1l,42 3t 46 3o,4a 3r 46 40,46 3n 14 1k,4b 3q 46 3n,3m 3m 3r 40 41 45 46 40,3q 41 3r 73,41 44 42 74,4b 3q 4k 3v,4j 3u 55 45 5t 4b 6r 4g 82 4j 9r 4l b9 4l,47 40 4k 47 53 4c 5i 4g 6c 4l 77 4o 7u 4p 95 4r a5 4s ba 4s,b6 4s be 4s,c9 5h b9 4k ei 4k,b9 4s bi 4s,bt 57 bt 5n,e1 5d ld -3b mk -4o,e7 4k ks -3c m8 -50,dp 5h ej 4k,e1 5e e1 5l e1 5o,bt 5o e1 5o,c9 5h dp 5h,m9 -50 n9 -50,m8 -4v mj -4p n1 -4p n9 -50,mp -4p mp -4l n2 -4l na -4s nb -50 n8 -50,nb -4s q8 -13 qe -s q2 -o ps -10 q8 -13,q2 -o qc -d ql -5 qu 2 re 9 sg j t9 o u6 r v7 s vt t,n3 -4l ps -v,l4 -30 la -30 lb 1a,la -30 lg -37 lh 19 li 86,lg -37 lg -3f,oj -2k oj -23 p1 -23,lb 18 la 88,cn 5o cm fj,d9 5p d9 fj,42 75 43 f3,3r 74 3q f3,qf -r qr -f r4 -8 rd -3 s3 5 sv b u1 f ut h vp i vt t,vp i 10r i 10n t vt t,10n t 17r t,103 t 106 14 10f 14 10h u,109 15 ti 1o sg 20 rv 24 ri 26 r0 28 qa 28 pt 25 pk 21 pd 1s p9 1o p7 1k,p3 1a p3 -20,on -22 on 8u,or 1a p6 1a,oq 19 oq 35 p2 35 p7 19,p6 1u pa 23 pg 28 pq 2d q8 2g,qd 2g q6 2g,qe 2g r3 2g rl 2d sk 27 su 2e,sl 26 ta 21 t8 2c su 2f,t2 2f t3 96,t6 2d t6 96,tb 21 10j 18 10k u,p2 36 p0 hb,om 8t om hf,lh 84 lg j1,l9 87 l7 is,t7 97 t5 ha,t3 95 sv ha,10r h 17p i,17n h 17s u 18i u 18n h 17p h,18n h 1f1 g,17u 10 ta 23,ta 29 18i 15 18i u,18i s 1f4 q,1f1 h 1f8 p 18i 10,1f2 q 1f8 q 1fm q 1fs g 1ev g,18j 14 1fm t 1fm p,1hj 57 1u4 56,1hi 56 1k5 6k 1rf 6k 1u4 57,1ko 6k 1ko 73 1qr 73 1qs 6k,1mn 73 1mk 1h3,1op 74 1oo 1h0,1fm s 1hi 55,1fs f 1ht 54,1ho 4m 1i4 4m 1ib 54,1t7 15 1tm e 20m c 214 13 1t8 13,1ub c 1uk 4 1vj 2 201 c,1uu 0 1uv -ru,1vh -ru 1vf 0,1ut -t 1ut 1,1tj 5g 1v0 5g,1u4 55 1v2 55 1uu 5g,1v3 55 2bp 2b,215 13 2dm -1o 2f2 -22 2do -2o 2co -2g 2cq -1v,210 r 2do -24,1uv 5f 2bp 2l,29f -16 29p -1n 2ak -1t 2b5 -1j,29p -1o 1vr -6r,1vf -6h 1vu -6t 200 -7e 1vh -7r,2a8 -1t 200 -75,2bp 2c 2bq 2m 2cm 2f,2bp 2a 2cv 22 2cm 2f,2c6 2k 1pa c1,1or c1 1pf c1 1ph d1 1op d1,1pf cg 2cm 2t 2co 2e,2cn -2g 201 -75,201 -7e 2d5 -2k,38i -d 3ca 2 3lp 2 3pl 0,3a7 -5 3a9 f 3dp h 3dp 2,3bm h 3bl so,3c4 so 3c4 h,3pl 1 3p7 -e,3mr 1 3cf 3t 3c7 3p,3c5 4m 3cf 4a 3cd 3u,38i -c 38i v 3bk v,38s v 38s 4h 3bk 4h,39e 4i 39e b3 3bj b3,3a4 b4 3a6 f5 3bj f5,3a6 f4 2cv 23,2cp 2h 3bj gb,3lt -g 3p7 -f,3ls -g 3lp 2,3ls -h 38i -d,3p5 -g 3qa -i 3st -p 3uu -13 421 -1q 43u -2j 458 -3a 45p -3l 46b -41 46m -4c 46r -4j,3pk 0 3sd -6 3uk -g 40g -u 41i -16 40l -1e,41i -18 429 -1e 42h -1v,41j -18 41o -u 42b -13 429 -1e,41n -u 3m6 r 3mf h,3m6 r 3la 17,3cg 4a 3ne 3,3lb 17 3kg 17,42c -12 42f -m 3le 17,2e5 -2j 2mt -d0,2n9 -cl 2ef -2e,47q -6g 491 -6i,47p -6g 488 -6u 491 -6u 491 -6i,491 -6u 49h -6u 49i -6f 49k -5i 49n -4u 49s -4e 4a2 -40 4ac -3f 4aq -31,45o -32 436 -1q 42c -1e,485 -61 493 -61,485 -5q 493 -5s,493 -6s 493 -5r 494 -57,494 -56 497 -4n 49d -46 49i -3r 4a5 -3q,4ab -3f 4a2 -33 49h -3r 42b -13,42f -n 49m -3i,4a4 -32 4j9 6d 4j9 6u 4jk 7h 4ju 7c,4j9 6u 4it 1va,4aq -32 4ji 5u,4j9 6b 4ji 60 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-9c jc b8,B -8o j2 b8,B -84 io b8,B -a e2 b8,B -a em b8,B -k f0 b8,B -18 fa b8,B -1s fk b8,B -2g fu b8,B -34 g8 b8,B -3o gi b8,B -4c gs b8,B -50 h6 b8,B -5k hg b8,B -68 hq b8,B -6s i4 b8,B -7g ie b8,T 82j ie,T 47f -6f,T mo -5p,B jf -1k qj,B i0 3 qg,T l -d,T -n -f,B p8 -53 if,B 2co 1m dk,B 2dm h dk,B 2es -t dh,B 2im 5 dj,B 2gh -h dk,B 2k6 -1c dj,B 2lb -2p dg,B 2mo -1m dd,B 2on -18 d9,T 1np 4p,T 2cn 1o

    -18 1i 18 1i,-15 1i -1l 1i -2b 1i -2g 1l,17 1i 2n 1i 40 1k 5a 1o 5l 1r 5s 20 5u 25 61 2f 62 2s 62 36,6d -1b 8j -1b 90 -1a 9a -1a 9k -18 9p -15 a0 -u a6 -h ad d ag 1a au a4 b1 ar b6 bh bb bp bo c2,bp c1 up i3 v4 i2 vg ht vl hk vl h2 99 -56,61 32 64 ig 68 iq 6e iv 6l it 6t gb 76 jf 7b hv 7o m4 7s j0 86 m2 8b i0 8o m2 95 g9 9f ir 9k iu 9u j0 ac it,aa it ad ie ad fs ui lb,ui lc ut lg v8 ll ve lp vl lv vr m9 100 ml 105 mu 10a n9 10h nm 10u o4 11e oe 11u om 12j or 13c ou 141 p0,141 p0 14m p0,14m ov 14t ot 153 oo 157 oe 158 nt 158 1o,11p mf 144 mf 144 m6 11p m6 11p mf,vp br 91 -at 29 -au,7h -1b 2e -1b 2e -6a 82 -6a 9q -4m,-2c -au 3f -au,vp br vq 65 10p 65 10p 3p vo 3p vo 13,158 1n 138 1n 138 -e,vn 14 qs -3n 92 -at,137 -e sg -5o 95 -e1 -87 -e1 -87 -9q -6i -9q,-6j -9r -61 -6s -87 -6u,-86 -6u -87 pq,-2g 1q -2h 24 -2h 1n -2h 2c -2i pr -2i 1e4,-87 pm -8b 1dv -7m 1du -7k 16u -8b 16u,-2i 6u -42 6u -42 3b -2f 1i,-88 d1 -65 d1 -65 h9 -88 h9,-2i km -50 km -4v vn -2i vn,-2c -av -2c -1j,-9b 1ig -v 1ig -v 1iv -9b 1iv -9b 1ig,-8c 1dv -m6 1gc -m7 1om d9 1on,-2j 1e1 j1 1hn j2 1oh d9 1om#-19 -4r -1h -4m,-1g -4m -1j -4c,-1l -4c -1c -47,-1e -46 -14 -49,-v -4b -16 -4v,-12 -4h -o -4m,-s -50 -j -4h,-l -52 -b -4l 3 -4q,-e -4v -4 -50,-n -54 -b -59,-b -4v -g -4t,6 -5f -4 -5c,-3 -5c 6 -4t,8 -4r l -52,f -5j s -52,n -5c u -5m,p -5h 19 -59,-s -44 -q -3o,-t -44 -j -49,-l -4b -g -41,-g -42 -q -3v,-q -3i -q -3t,-6 -3q -d -3q,-d -3s -d -49,-d -47 -3 -49 -4 -3q,3 -49 3 -3s,b -3s 8 -4c,6 -4c k -3v,k -41 l -4c,q -4g u -44,k -4g 16 -4h,3 -3e a -3n f -2v,0 -1h 0 -2d,-4 -28 3 -2k,3 -2l b -26,9 -2v k -32,12p iu 12u iu,12a it 135 ie,136 ie 136 ji,133 ji 13l ji,-5h -3a -5c -3r -59 -3r,-5c -3s -4s -3s -4g -3d,-4g -3f -5b -29 -4e -29#T gc 1l7,O ac ij,O ai i7,O a0 hg,O 9u i7,O 9r im,O 9r ia,O 9t i9,O 92 i2,O 8q ir,O 8t jp,O 8r j3,O 8e if,O 8c j2,O 89 jh,O 84 k1,O 82 ki,O 7t k6,O 7e io,O 7g iu,O 7t jk,O 89 jh,O 8g jc,O 8e io,O 7b hg,O 8m i4,O 8j hh,O 8o h9,O 8g h6,O 92 hq,O 84 h7,O 7g hh,O 7q hj,O 76 gv,O 6f gv,O 6k he,O 6k ht,O 6u ia,O 6u ic,O 7j i4,O 7l i2,O 82 i9,O ad h6,O 9o h6,O 9k i9,O 6d h2,O 95 hr,O 87 j8,O 79 i2,T -12 1ia,T -99 1ia,T -59 1ia,T a -au,T eq -8j,T m1 -5o,O -7t 16p,O -3o kj,O -79 cu,O 3a -b1,O -79 -9r,O ph -47,O ib -74,O bm -9r,T 12t lr,O tp l2,O sn ko,O ro kh,O qg k5,O p8 jr,O nu je,O mk j4,O lc in,O k8 ie,O ip i3,O ha hl,O fv ha,O ep gu,O df gm,O c2 gc

    HELICOPTER track. Read this:
    The actual track is on the right, in front of you. The other 2 passages above and behind you are for checkpoints. I have marked each checkpoint with a 1 and a 2. As soon as you get to the checkpoint, you can skip to that part of the level so you dont have to go through it again.

    If I get good feedback, Ill make another one like this <3.

    AUTO (use BMX)
    -1d 2h -h 2d 3 2d f 2f r 2n 10 36 -1d 35 -1d 2f,4b e1 4u e1 4q d5,48 gm 4n h3 56 gk,77 1bu 77 1n2 mi 1n2 76 1mq,m8 1n1 78 1mh,ju 1n1 76 1m5,ih 1n1 76 1lp,hl 1n3 78 1lc,g6 1n1 76 1l0,f8 1n1 76 1km,ef 1n1 76 1k7,dq 1n1 76 1jq,d9 1n3 76 1j9,cg 1n1 77 1ip,bt 1mv 78 1i5,bf 1n4 75 1hh,av 1n2 78 1h4,ae 1n2 77 1g6,a1 1n4 77 1ff,9b 1n2 78 1em,8n 1n2 78 1dc,86 1n2 77 1ch,7p 1n2 78 1c9,7c 1n2 77 1bs,mj 1n2 mp 1mt mr 1ml na 1ml na 1n2 m2 1n4,127 1rf 19l 1sb,1ku 21d 1ku 284 1cs 284 1kt 27t,1do 284 1kr 27l,1f4 284 1kt 279,1fr 286 1kt 26v,1gm 286 1kt 26k,1hd 286 1kt 268,1hv 286 1kt 25r,1ib 286 1kt 25f,1io 284 1kt 24u,1j9 284 1kt 24c,1jl 284 1kt 23h,1jv 284 1kt 22o,1kc 284 1ku 221,1km 284 1ku 21d,10c 2jp 10d 2v2 1au 2v2 10c 2up,19v 2v2 10c 2ue,18b 2v3 10c 2u2,173 2v3 10c 2tl,15u 2v2 10c 2t7,150 2v2 10e 2so,149 2v2 10e 2sb,13n 2v2 10c 2rq,138 2v2 10e 2ra,12n 2v3 10e 2qm,125 2v3 10e 2pt,11n 2v3 10e 2ot,11c 2v2 10e 2nd,110 2v3 10d 2m7,10l 2v2 10b 2kb,127 1rf 124 1s4 19g 1sv 19k 1sd,1au 2v1 1de 2v1 1fa 2uu 1gn 2us 1h6 2un 1hl 2ud 1i4 2u3 1im 2tu 1ja 2u3 1k0 2uk 1kk 2uu,1kk 2ut 1kk 2vu 1kd 2v2 195 2v2,1no 2u7 1no 36q 1f8 36r 1no 36m,1g0 36r 1no 36h,1gl 36p 1no 36a,1h3 36p 1no 364,1hd 36r 1no 35t,1hg 36r 1no 35o,1ib 36r 1nq 35e,1j4 36r 1nq 357,1jt 36r 1nq 34v,1kd 36t 1nq 34o,1ks 36p 1no 34i,1l3 36p 1no 34b,1ld 36p 1no 341,1lq 36p 1no 33g,1m3 36p 1no 331,1me 36p 1no 32a,1mo 36o 1nq 314,1n1 36r 1nq 30e,1nc 36r 1nq 2us,1nl 36p 1nq 2u6,1f7 36q 1e9 36u 1ck 37g 1b4 387 19q 392 194 39j 18d 3ac,1pq 3at 1pp 2u6 1nq 2u6,130 3f8 1t2 3f7,12v 3f7 11c 3f7,10d 2ul 10d 3f8 11t 3f8,10b 2jo 107 1tj 7g 1tj,76 1mg 76 1tj 86 1tj,79 1tl -ne 1tk,-nf 1tk -ne 1fi,1pq 3as 18d 3as 18d 3ac##G -js 1td aa,G -jk 1sp 8e,G -ju 1t0 8e,G -jl 1si 89,G -jk 1sa 7b,G -js 1s2 69,G -kj 1s2 52,G -k9 1s3 4k,G -kq 1sd 30,G -k1 1tb b1,G -kd 1tg e,G -kn 1tf t,G -kt 1t6 1r,G -ks 1sp 2q,B 4k ii e2

    0 42 a 42 34 42 4c 42 68 42 7q 42 7q 2q u 42,7q u 2q 42,7q 18 2g 42,7q 1i 26 42,7q 1s 1s 42,7q 26 1i 42,7q 2g 18 42,7q 34 k 42,7q 3e a 42,0 42 -1i 42 -1i 3o -26 3o -26 4c -26 o2,7q u 7q 2q,7q 3o 0 42,8e 42 fa 42 fu 42 fu 4m gi 4m gi 5a h6 5a h6 5u hq 5u hq 6i ie 6i ie 76 j2 76 j2 7q jm 7q jm 8e ka 8e ka 92 ku 92 ku 9m m6 9m no 9m r6 9c so 9c 106 9m 1bo 9m 1bo 26,fa 42 8e 3o,f0 42 8e 3e,em 42 8e 34,ec 42 8e 2q,e2 42 8e 2g,do 42 8e 26,de 42 8e 1s,cq 42 8e 1i,cg 42 8e 18,c6 42 8e u 8e 42,7q u 8e u,164 9m 1bo 9c##T 1a6 92,T 1aq 92,T 1be 92,T rq 92,T 84 k,B -5a o2 8e,B -50 o2 8e,B -a0 no b8,B -a0 ne e,B -ak li 1d,B -ak li 12,B -aa m6 b,B -ak mg m,B -aa mg i,B -9m l8 b8,B -a0 m6 i,B -a0 n4 b8,B -9c no 9r,B -92 o2 9r,B -8e o2 8e,B -84 o2 8e,B -7q o2 8e,B -76 o2 8e,B -6i o2 8e,B -5u o2 8e,B -4m o2 8e,B -42 o2 8e,B -34 o2 8e,B -26 o2 8e

    18 1i 2q 18 4c k 5u -a 76 -1i 84 -34 8o -4m 92 -6i 92 -84 8o -a0 84 -bs 76 -de 5u -em 42 -fu 1s -gi -k -gi -2q -g8 -50 -fa -6i -e2 -7q -cg -8o -aa -92 -84 -bi -84,92 -84 b8 -84 b8 50 -bi 50 -bi -84,-18 1i -2q 18 -4c k -5u -a -76 -1i -84 -34 -8o -4m -92 -68 -92 -84,18 1i -18 1i,-bi -7q -bi -j2 au -j2,b8 -7q b8 -j2 a0 -j2##
    [center:13w2rfcr]My Thread (updated 26/1/11!)[/center:13w2rfcr][center:13w2rfcr][/center:13w2rfcr] [center:13w2rfcr]Skype: lucienpicto[/center:13w2rfcr][center:13w2rfcr]Steam: _picto[/center:13w2rfcr]
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    But tell me, what is homo love?

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    Re: Free Rider 2

    Still working on this one
    Quote Originally Posted by Underground Mine
    -18 1i 18 1i,18 1h fg 46 g6 45 gt 40,gs 3v l9 2f od 10 ut -38 vo -43 100 -3v v5 -35 oj 15,oi 16 lh 2l gv 49 ge 54 ge 94 go 9p gu ob,-19 1h -2l 14 -2m -v -2m -50 -a -4v,-9 -4v -9 -4o -c -4k,-d -4j -c -46 -g -3u,-h -3t -4 -48,-6 -48 -8 -4h,-8 -4i 0 -4q -1 -53,3 -4p 0 -4e 6 -4h d -6f 9 -90 j -bp,29 -3v 2g -6n,-15 -4v -2m -2q,-v -4v -2l -2l,3 -4o 0 -55,3 -4j 7 -4h,27 -41 1p -43 1h -3j 1n -3c,1p -43 29 -52,28 -51 1i -4b 1p -5v 1s -9d 24 -ci 30 -ks,k -bm s -sa,30 -kp 4k -uc,d -6h 1p -7n,d -6q 1q -7u,17 -7b 1p -6o,1f -7d 1o -74,1d -75 n -6q,1p -85 a -9b,8 -94 1p -7v,9 -4p m -4u 1l -5c 1m -5m 7 -4v,m -4u d -47 h -45 12 -5g t -5k l -4t,1b -5b 1k -5j,1h -5g 1d -5c,1h -4t 18 -5d,1f -56 1a -5m,b -62 1m -5t,9 -5u 1q -5p,s -sb 1d -qj,1e -qj 2m -t1,2l -sv 2j -pn,2j -pm 3m -sr 3r -s3 4k -ub,vv -40 u7 c tu b vc -3c,oj 17 mq 5l n3 5m ou u,of 28 ul -1h,i1 64 nr 32,253 -4b 2if 4l,255 -4c 24r -4r 24a -4p 258 -3o 2ij 5c 2tb bh 36q fh,2id 4k 2tk b3 375 f0 3pb fm,36n fh 36s 1nm 33g 1b4,33g 1b6 30r 1n2 2ue 1cc,2ue 1aq 2pt 1m2,2pq 1lt 2p6 1an 2qe 1ic,2ug 1b4 2uj 1d5,2qc 1i7 2r0 1jn,gr ml gr 1gg k2 1bp ln 15t lu 1e4,ld 1et qk 18g,qn 18g q3 1el t7 162 ur 1dl v3 131 10l 1gf,10l 1ga 15q 18i,15n 194 158 1g0,158 1g2 1cj 16k,1cr 173 1e5 1e4,1e8 1e6 1ef 13s 1gl 1dv,1gl 1eg 1ki 165 1j5 1gp 1td 17f,1t3 17k 1nf 1ke,1of 1jo 265 162 22n 1hs,23v 1hn 296 144,296 146 2ah 1bu,244 1hi 26a 19e 1vq 1j1,1os 1je 1us 19e 1r2 1cd,2ac 1b7 29l 1ee,29l 1eo 2dq 173,2dq 170 2gc 1fo,2ae 1ae 2c3 173 2ci 191,2el 1ii 2jj 18v 2n8 1je,2m3 1gm 2p7 1ao,2jj 19b 2jt 1fo,2jt 1ft 2lf 1jo,2lf 1jt 2kj 1mu,2dn 17i 2ac 1f4,2ac 1f2 29j 1l2,294 14o 27k 1c8 24e 1k2,25e 173 209 1ft,209 1fr 1vl 1jv,1p6 1is 265 162,1sk 181 1n2 1dv,1n0 1e1 1k1 1j9,1k6 173 1ih 1e9 1h2 1hi,1eu 15r 1he 1h0,1gb 1ah 1i2 178,1i5 170 1j0 1cs,1gb 1ah 1g1 1bp,1ju 1bp 1ok 196 1op 1bu,15g 1ci 190 1a7,195 1a2 19p 1bp,1ch 173 18u 1d1 16l 1hk,108 1ba 124 17u,12c 17s 13r 1b5,v8 15c 111 1gf,10s 1gk vk 1iq,vk 1in 101 1dq,sv 17p uh 14o vn 194,m8 1ac om 17n,om 188 p0 1b7,h1 1b5 jm 165 kh 19v,gf 12d gs 17a,gs 14l ij 107 gp 19l,2tb 1ci 2uj 1kr,2uj 1kt 2uh 1cd,2ue 1at 2v2 1kc,32e 1dn 353 1lh,355 1lk 355 1d8,355 1bk 36b 136,368 12n 36i 14b,35a 1br 35i 1gc,347 1bf 34r 144,34r 149 376 19o,2v5 1h3 30p 1d1,32l 199 32v 1fj,30p 1cu 313 194,316 19e 31n 1cn 337 17a,334 170 32g 19o,2qf 1dn 2tj 17d,2tb 17s 2t4 1ck,2t6 1cd 2v7 17p,2v7 186 311 1fo,2qc 1db 2q5 17p,2q5 17n 2lu 1e6 2ke 183,2kr 188 2ko 1cf,2eq 1bc 2hp 19l,2hu 1a2 2ii 1br,1u3 1d3 1ui 19n,1ts 1d0 1t5 1eq,1un 19s 1uv 16j 21f 1cc,21a 1a9 238 167,238 169 249 180,2t4 bd 36n q4,36n pb 2u6 bv,24b -4o 254 i,24s -44 25l 1l 256 1g 251 g,2gj 4a 2iu e5,2gj 4d 2gc 3r,2hc 4n 2jq ei,2is e0 2jl ed,256 -25 2go 5g,2id 8r 2u6 e5 2vh eu,2gm 5i 2h0 5q,2f -6m 4q -84 4d -70 6g -9f 6u -94 77 -9l 7j -9a ea -c0,e8 -bs e9 -bd ev -br fk -bm,fr -bi gd -bl g4 -ci,fp -bk fj -bo,g2 -ch r6 -hk ta -hm,tf -hm 188 -mm,18d -mp 1gt -pb 1hu -ov 1ia -p4,1if -p4 1rr -rc 1v7 -qj,1vh -qh 2fu -ns,2g0 -ns 2k0 -m7,2n6 -kt 2jm -m5,2hl -nd 2jm -m7,2jo -m2 2h6 -mu,1vc -qj 1v4 -pt,1v4 -pv 1vm -qo,1vc -qh 1v4 -qr,1rm -rh 1rr -qe,1rr -qj 1s8 -rf,1s3 -ra 1rp -r7,1i8 -p1 1in -oi,1in -og 1j1 -pl,1is -pb 1id -os,1ge -p6 1g7 -og,1g4 -ob 1in -oq,1i3 -oq 1hp -p4,1hr -p6 1go -oi,2n4 -kv 2mn -jv,2md -j1 2p7 -jn 2nb -ip,2mi -j6 2mn -ke,2nt -in 2tc -ia 2st -gc,2sj -g9 31q -g2 2pk -g2,2ng -is 2oc -ip,2pu -ft 30d -fg,308 -fe 34d -fg,348 -fg 37c -f1,387 -el 35i -ch,32t -cf 37h -es,379 -eq 37o -f4,33f -ca 38p -ca,32c -ch 35s -ch,38c -es 382 -cm,387 -be 38u -7k,38u -7u 37o -eq,390 -80 3b1 -ch,3b6 -cc 3c2 -9d 3e5 -bm 3df -9d,3du -98 3j8 -b4,3jp -av 44e -88 5ea -1m,3pa fn 420 gu 4fc m9 4t5 t1 581 t3 5g3 te,53 -2o 4v -2o,5gb tm 5en 1rl,5el 1re 5i1 1na 5g0 1tk 5l2 1k1 5nl 1sh 5oo 1i2,5oj 1hr 5rs 1tp 5vr 1ic,5vr 1ik 5v7 1ui,5v7 1ul 653 1ho 63o 1un,63t 1v1 69h 1fv 6dh 1sr 6cq 1g6 6gq 207,6gq 209 6io 1l4 6lg 21c 6li 1ia 6r4 1tk 6tu 1dh,6tu 1dc 72c 1q6,72c 1q1 70q 16j 756 1jf 751 14a 7cc 1kq 7dd 1ad,7es 19d 7k9 1mr,7ik 1nr 7k6 1eu,7dk 1al 7ev 19a,5g2 te 5ob pk 62l 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    Barium is used as an X-ray radiocontrast agent for imaging the human gastrointestinal tract.

    Re: Free Rider 2

    My newest...

    -18 1i 18 1i,16 1j 24 1j 30 1i 3r 1i 4g 1h 56 1g 5v 1g 6u 1e 7u 14 95 e 9u -e a5 -1i a3 -2i 9o -3j 94 -4i 85 -5e 73 -61 5o -6e 4c -6n 33 -6s 1t -6t n -6p -c -6f -1d -61 -2c -5f -3i -4o -4n -42 -5k -31 -64 -1o -6j -a -72 17 -7c 2t -79 4k -6r 66 -65 7d -59 8b -46 98 -33 9u -1u ae -o al l at 1u b4 37 b3 4h am 5k a5 6m 9i 7v 8p 93 81 ab 75 bj 66 ct 55 e8 43 fj 2v,fh 30 g5 2i gr 23 hh 1k i6 15 iu l jn 6 kf -6 l9 -i m3 -s ms -13 nn -19 oh -1d,oe -1e p9 -1g q7 -1g r7 -1g s9 -1g ta -1f u9 -1f v5 -1f vu -1f 10k -1e 11b -1e 122 -1e 12o -1f 13k -1r 14l -1r 15l -1f 16n -18 180 -15 19e -u,19c -10 1hc -10 1hc -1i 1ho -1i 1ho -2 1ql -2 1ql -31 1u5 -31 1u3 4u,1ir -2 1is -k 1j3 -13 1jb -1j 1jo -12 1k7 -h 1ks -6 1li -1,1ff -11 1hi -1k,oj -54 15s -56,eo -e5 gf -9i,1u3 4s 2d9 4t,2d7 4t 2d7 -7g 26b -7g 26b -9a 2dc -97,ge -9j gn -8r h4 -86 hj -7e i7 -6q j1 -67 ju -5o kv -5c lv -56 ms -52 nr -51 ol -53,2dd -98 2rp -9f,2rl -9g 2s7 -9f 2st -9a 2th -94 2u3 -8m 2uj -84 2v3 -7j 2vn -74 30g -6p 317 -6m 322 -6n 32r -6n 33k -6p 34a -6s 34u -6v 35f -72,34u -6s 35r -79 36n -7n 37k -86 38i -8n 39h -99 3ak -9n,3aj -9o 43c -n0,43c -mu 4j4 -108,4j2 -10a 4jm -10n 4kb -11b 4ku -126 4lf -137 4lt -147 4m9 -159 4mk -169 4mt -17b##O 2cl -2d,O 2cn 1,O 26f -74,O 275 -7d,O 28i -7b,O 29d -7b,O 2ao -76,O 2c5 -6v,O 2cs -6q,O 2cs -5n,O 2cs -50,O 2cs -49,O 2cs -34,O 2cs -1l,O 2cs -16,O 2cs 19,O 2cs 1r,O 2cs 2d,O 2cs 35,O 2cv 3l,O 2cs 48,T 1ui 4f,B 307 -74 9p,B 4lj -177 69,B 4m4 -177 6c,B 4le -17m 63,B 4m2 -17p 5t,B 4mj -17f 5v,B 2vb -7v aa,B 2qs -a4 2k,B 13h -5c 2l,B 14l -5q l,B 151 -5q 15,B 14q -5j p,B 14a -5g t,B 14u -5g s,B 14k -5e 13,B 15e -5j k,B 154 -5e m,B 1k1 -18 ad,B 1kl -p aa,B 1ln -d 9g,B 1n2 -d 8s,B 1oi -k 8d,B 1q6 -k 8e,G -6l 2u 5i,G 2m -5s 8a,G 9b -1k 3,G 7f e 2m,B 3f j 2m,B 2o l 2q

    My other one... exparamenting with gravity:

    -18 1i 18 1i,15 1f m7 1g,m5 1e na 6j oi -a pm 6v r0 -e sq 6i v7 6 10h 4p 123 -4 13l 85 15r -1a 178 26,177 23 19f -2h,1eo 1t 20k 1u,-17 1h -20 11 -2k 9 -37 -m -3f -1v -39 -37 -2u -4d -2i -5e -1s -6g -r -7j c -8k 1e -9a 2o -9v 3q -9f 48 -8c 5f -90 6d -99 74 -8c 87 -8r 8v -9r 9u -b1 a7 -9m a5 -8a a3 -76 b0 -8d bl -9h cf -a3 d9 -99 dr -8a eb -7a f2 -85 fg -93 g0 -9u h0 -9e h6 -8s,1h5 -84 1hm -8m 1ih -81 1j0 -6v 1k7 -7a 1l0 -84 1m4 -81 1mj -70 1mv -5q 1n9 -4q 1nr -5v 1o9 -78 1oq -6k 1p5 -82 1pb -9e 1q2 -89 1qh -73 1qu -60 1ra -4v 1rn -41 1sg -57 1t5 -69 1u6 -5l 1v0 -4l 1vq -3q 207 -54 20u -5s 21s -5c,h7 -90 ha -89,j9 -71 jt -7j kk -84 lb -8h m6 -8s n4 -92 o4 -95 p9 -95,p9 -97 1gj -99 1h3 -88,j8 -70 in -6g i5 -5s hj -58 h2 -4l gi -42 g0 -3g fe -2t eu -29 eg -1l dv -1g dv -25 ec -2q f2 -3e fk -49 g1 -51 gc -5r gm -6k gu -7b h3 -82 h6 -8p,19e -2i 19f -1o 19i -u 19n -2 19s l 1a9 1b 1b7 1q 1c5 21 1d4 24 1e1 23 1eu 20,21q -5f 22r -5r 241 -5r 25g -5b 26k -4d 27g -39 27v -1v 28c -h 28d t 27g 1p 269 27 257 2g 242 2o 22u 2o 21t 2j 20s 2b 200 21##T 207 16,S 1ff -7j,G 1fk -8g 5k,S lm 2,G lo 12 b8

    Nuther one like the above... record for it is 5.13 seconds... try and do it!
    -18 1i 18 1i,15 1h ko 1h,lf -90 -5v -90,-7f 73 1q 73 qj 73,n0 -dc 11c -db,-7g 76 -n4 76,114 -de 1m2 -de,l8 -92 pk -84 pk -9c,n4 -de j2 -cq j2 -92,-rq 7g -n4 76##T o4 -cs,B rq 68 8e,S q1 5e,G q0 70 b8,G -5k -8h 5k,S -5m -6m,B -8o -8h 2q,B kp i 8e,S ig f,G ih 1a b8

    Dont touch the keys on this one:

    1t8 -ka 28q -ka 29k -k8 2ag -k8 2bd -k8 2ch -k6 2dn -k3 2er -k0 2g1 -js 2h7 -jm 2ib -je 2jh -j6 2ko -is 2lq -ii 2mr -i9 2nr -hu 2p4 -hd 2qd -gq 2rq -g5 2t1 -fh 2ua -et 2vj -e7 30v -dg 32b -cp 33o -c1 356 -b8 36l -af 385 -9l 39l -8r 3b6 -80 3co -76 3e9 -6b 3fs -5g 3he -4k 3j1 -3p 3kk -2u 3m7 -22 3nq -16 3pd -a 3r1 h 3sk 1d 3u7 29 3vr 35 41e 41 434 4s 44q 5m 46h 6h 487 7c 49u 87 4bm 92 4df 9t 4f7 ao 4h0 bi 4ip cd 4ki d7 4mb e2 4o6 er 4q0 fl 4rs ge 4to h6 4vl hu 51j im 53i jc 55h k1 57i kl 59j l8 5bl lp 5dn m8 5fq mk 5ht mt 5k1 n2 5m2 n0 5o0 mo 5pp m9 5r7 lh 5rq kc,a26 de ae2 de,9bm 8e 9jq 8e,9j6 76 a0k 76,ar6 b8 b14 h6 b30 jm b48 ne b48 rq b48 sm b48 tm b46 um b3u vs b3i 10t b2u 121 b23 13e b18 14j b06 15o av0 16m ato 17a asg 17n ar6 17v apl 184 anu 181 alv 17k aju 171 aic 16d agq 15m afb 14t adt 141 ach 132 aba 121 a9q 10h,89k 15q 858 1ia,866 1l4 87o 1sa,8n2 5so 8oa 5rq,890 21a 896 225 89i 231 8a4 23t 8aq 24k 8bl 259 8ck 25n 8dm 25t 8em 25q 8fl 25g 8gh 24v 8ha 246 8ht 23d 8ia 22d 8ia 219 8i6 207 8hq 1v1 8h6 1tv 8ge 1t2 8fg 1sb 8e9 1rt 8d3 1rs 8bt 1s4,82u 24u 835 263 83b 27e 83l 28v 84a 2a4 85c 2b7 86m 2c1 87u 2co 89c 2db 8b0 2dk 8cn 2dq 8eh 2dr 8gc 2dn,84u 1ug 84g 1v8 843 1vu 83o 20o 83f 21n 837 22l 832 23k 830 24j 82u 25h,938 228 962 286 96c 290 96j 29u,938 2fc 95o 2rs 962 2sk 96g 2tc 977 2u7 983 2ut 98v 2vh 99u 303 9au 30h 9c2 30s 9d9 315 9ec 31d 9fe 31k 9gd 31q 9hb 31u,9i8 35i a0u 308,8i2 4k4 8fs 50k 8f8 57g 8fs 5do 8g6 5g8 8h4 5jm 8j0 5n4 8lg 5pa 8nc 5q8 8q6 5qs 8t0 5qs 8v6 5qi 90o 5pk 920 5om 92u 5n4 93i 5ka 93i 5ie#90e 5d4 912 5fa 92a 5em,92k 5d4 92u 5em 93s 5ec 93i 5cq 92k 5d4,946 5bs 94g 5ec 962 5ec,96m 5bs 970 5fa 96c 5gs 954 5h6 96c 5hg,954 5h6 962 5g8,8ta 59m 8tu 5bi,8tk 59m 8us 592 8v6 5a0 8vg 5ak 8tu 5bi,8v6 5a0 8u8 5aa,904 59m 90e 5aa 91c 5aa,90e 5a0 912 5a0,904 59m 912 59c,92a 59c 91m 59c 91m 5a0 92k 5a0 92k 5ak 91m 5au,938 58o 93i 5aa,92k 58o 946 58o,97a 58o 970 5aa 95o 5aa,96m 58o 97u 592,988 59m 97u 5ak 98i 5b8 996 5a0,99q 5aa 996 5b8,99q 5aa 99q 5bi 9bc 5ak 9ao 5cg,9c0 5b8 9bm 5c6,9c0 5b8 9cu 5bi 9ca 5cg 9bc 5c6 9bc 5do,996 5gs 996 5jc,9a4 5h6 9a4 5i4 9b2 5i4 9b2 5h6 9b2 5j2,9ck 5h6 9ck 5io 9di 5io 9di 5h6 9ck 5h6,9eg 5h6 9fe 5h6 9f4 5j2#B 92k 5fu 4i,B 93s 5fu 6f,B 93s 5hq 9r,B 92k 5i4 1d,B 946 5hq 9g,B 92k 5hq 1v,B 92k 5gi 47,B 93s 5gi 71,B 938 5ie b8,B 92u 5h6 2q,B 920 5h6 2q,B 938 5gi 5k,B 93s 5h6 8e,B 938 5g8 5k,B 946 5h6 8e,B 938 5fu 5k,B 92k 5h6 2q,B 938 5hq b8,B 9ko 340 7s,B 9n8 32o 7o,B 9oq 32o 7s,B 9ra 31q 7p,B 9t6 30s 7o,B 9v2 308 7s,B 8ks 2ac b8,B 8k8 2b0 b8,B 8jk 2ba b8,B 8j0 2bk b8,B 8ic 2c8 b8,B 8he 2cs b8,B 8gq 2dg b8,B 8i2 210 am,B 8ho 22s e,B 8gq 244 1d,B 8fi 25c 1o,B aau 10q ad,B ad4 12c 9r,B afa 148 9v,B aie 15q 9r,B am6 16o 9b,B aom 17c 94,B arg 172 8j,B 3t0 a 47,B 3s2 -k 40,B 3sm -26 4d,B 404 -a 66,B 446 1i 5v,B 47u 34 77,B 488 3e 4g,B 42u 0 43,B 44g 42 3s,B 3vg 18 3o,B 3q6 -18 3t,B 40o 34 3f,B 47u 50 3q,B 48i 5a 3o,B 4ni de 3l,B 4q2 f0 3b,B 4ni d4 3j,B 4jq bi 3e,B 4ha ak 3f,B 4ds 8o 3n,B 4c0 84 38,B 4b2 8e 35,B 4g2 aa 3g,B 4k4 bs 3s,B 4mu de 3c,B 4ni d4 41,B 50k hg 39,B 4vm h6 3a,B 4ue gi 3b,B 4ss fk 3g,B 4qc f0 37,B 4s8 f0 3f,B 500 gi 38,B 53e ie 38,B 53e i4 3c,B 53o i4 3a,B 51s hg 3b,B 576 j2 3g,B 51s h6 3c,B 5mg ls 8e,B 5hq l8 2u,B 5l8 l8 2q,B 5o2 l8 2c,B 5oc li 24,B 5ne mq 1v,B 5li ls 2d,B 5mg li 2l,B 5i4 li 2q,B 5a0 ka 3c,B 5c6 l8 37,B 5fk ls 33,B 5i4 m6 2q,B 3f8 -fa 4u,B 3k8 -6i 3l,B 3im -ak 4v,B 3gg -84 47,B 3eu -cq 4v,B 3fi -9m 47,B 3bq -8o 3h,B 3as -ak 4f,B 3ce -b8 4u,B 3bg -e2 4s,B 3a8 -cq 56,B 2to -i4 47,B 332 -fu 4p,B 382 -do 4m,B 36q -ec 4p,B 35i -do 4p,B 32e -ec 47,B 308 -g8 4p,B 2nq -j2 3l,B 2kc -ka 3h,B 2i6 -kk 3c,B om -2q b8,B oc -26 b8,B no -26 b8,B ne -1i e,B mq -1i b8,B n4 -18 b8,B ls -k e,B m6 -18 b8,B l8 0 b8,B kk a b8,B k0 k b8,B jc u b8,B ie 18 b8,B hq 1i b8,B gs 1s b8,B fu 1s 8,B em 1s b8,B e2 1i b8,B de 1i e,B cq 1s 9,B c6 1s b8,B b8 1s b8,B aa 1s b8,B 9m 1s b8,B 92 1s 9,B 8e 1s b8,B 7g 1s b8,B 68 1s b8,B 5a 1i b8,B 4c 1i b8,B 3e 26 b8,B 2q 1s b8,B 2g 1i b8,B 1s 18 2q,B 1s 18 2q,B 1i 18 2q,B 18 18 2q,B u 18 2q,B k 18 2q,B a 18 2q
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy
    Quote Originally Posted by ddd9824
    It wont end like that! read the bible
    And it wont end like that either. Read a brief history of time.

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    Re: Free Rider 2

    Quote Originally Posted by hamandcheese
    That was pretty fucking badass. The music made it even better.
    Quote Originally Posted by cold_sausage
    tht is a 2 word post pls add more 2 yor comment or i will report you to the mods

    i dun think this is real just fake


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