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    Zombie Survival: Interactive Story

    Okay, here's a new forum game for all to enjoy..

    You start here. You just tell me what to do, like ideas of where you want the person (not the zombie) to go, or what you want him to do.

    Examples: 1.Go to the left. 2.Shoot the zombie in the head and run right.

    Don't go into too much details or make your ideas too long. Once about two or three ideas get posted, I'll choose one of them, and put up a new picture to match the action.

    Also, the top right corner is your ammo count. You cant find more weapons and ammo in places to come.

    If you the idea I choose gets the person killed (I try not to choose these ideas) then we will start back at this scene.

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    Re: Zombie Survival: Interactive Story


    Please no -.-


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