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View Poll Results: Favourite Simpsons Character

41. You may not vote on this poll
  • 1.) Bart

    6 14.63%
  • 2.) Homer

    12 29.27%
  • 3.) Marge

    0 0%
  • 4.) Lisa

    1 2.44%
  • 5.) Maggie

    7 17.07%
  • 6.) Mr. Burns

    1 2.44%
  • 7.) Principal Skinner

    1 2.44%
  • 8.) Moe

    3 7.32%
  • 9.) Barney

    2 4.88%
  • 10.) Cleetus

    5 12.20%
  • 11.) Other (State in post)

    3 7.32%
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Thread: DD Weekly Poll

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    Veteran Enthusiast Liam's Avatar

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    DD Weekly Poll

    Welcome to the DD Weekly Poll.


    Poll 3:
    Favourite Simpsons Character
    1.) Bart
    2.) Homer
    3.) Marge
    4.) Lisa
    5.) Maggie
    6.) Mr. Burns
    7.) Principal Skinner
    8.) Moe
    9.) Barney
    10.) Cleetus
    11.) Other (State in post)

    POLL 1:
    Favourite Animating Program: (Out of these four.)
    1.) Pivot
    2.) Eztoon
    3.) Flash
    4.) Stykz
    WINNER: Pivot

    POLL 2:
    Hotdog or Hamburger?
    WINNER: Hamburger

    If voting, try to post what you voted for.
    Do not flame someone for not voting for what you like.
    Do not flame in general.
    Do not try to influence others votes.

    Well, gogogogo.
    STAFF: If this goes downhill, feel free to lock.
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    Enthusiast Darksider's Avatar

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    Re: DD Weekly Poll

    I don't use easytoon and stykz... flash is too complicated for me so I voted for Pivot

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    Re: DD Weekly Poll

    Flash is awesome, although I can probably animate better stick men with pivot.

    Still Flash though.

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    Dedicated Member Teh Doc's Avatar

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    Re: DD Weekly Poll

    I do like all four of the programs (and suck equally at them as well) but I still have to vote for Pivot. It's how I started out and met half the people I know, and plus it's rather fun when I can muster up the abilility to do something with it.

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    Veteran Enthusiast

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    Re: DD Weekly Poll

    I made something like this back before you joined, called the VS thread :P.

    Pivot. Flash is to much money, and I have never liked Stykz nor EzToons.

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    Enthusiast shell's Avatar

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    Re: DD Weekly Poll

    I have only ever used pivot.

    my thread. / Lovely Art <3 / DD ranks

    You can pm me for a comment on your thread.
    I'm always up for a good joint.

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    Re: DD Weekly Poll

    Flash, hands down.

    Moved to spam pit btw
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    Re: DD Weekly Poll

    Pivot will probably win, but the fact of the matter is that you can't pick Pivot over Flash and actually justify it. Flash is better in every aspect, and is easy to torrent.

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    Re: DD Weekly Poll

    In Pivot, you can easily keep the shape of your stickfigures. So I'm with Pivot. Unless you can add joints to sprites in Adobe Flash.

    I still want Adobe Flash though.

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    Re: DD Weekly Poll

    Quote Originally Posted by Smore
    Pivot will probably win, but the fact of the matter is that you can't pick Pivot over Flash and actually justify it. Flash is better in every aspect, and is easy to torrent.
    It isn't better for noobs and for those who can't draw. It's better for more professional people, and artistic people, which is why i can never use flash :P

    Btw, doesn't Cartoonetwork use Flash for some of they're shows? Like kids next door?

    I voted flash, btw.

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