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Thread: Sasuke

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    When do Naruto and Sasuke finally fight again after Danzo is dead in the manga? I know Naruto and sasuke have fought alot but I dont read the manga. Does anyone know what episode in the manga Naruto and Sasuke have their ultimate fight or has it not happened yet?

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    Re: Sasuke

    I'm pretty sure I have answered this recently :S

    Sasuke and Naturoodo haven't fought yet, their fight is still building up in the current manga chapters and they probably wont fight any time soon. I'm guessing another 20 or so chapters away before anything like that happens.

    These types of questions related to anime are probably best suited for google or yahoo answers, if you can't find any answers there then you could try asking here:


    Here's an OVA of naruto and sasuke fighting (filler):

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjICGiug ... re=related


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