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Thread: Jobs

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    Where does everyone work / what do you do?
    I'm a bartender/glassy at a high class bar in my city.
    I'm also a swimming instructor and a swimming coach.

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    Re: Jobs

    I help my dad run a computer repair shop. I've gotten to see amazing builds, and ones from like 20 years ago. Also, if you're looking to get into this kind of job, be ready to deal with some of the worst clients ever.
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    Re: Jobs

    I work part-time at my local grocery.
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    Re: Jobs

    Staff at Rockstar
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    Re: Jobs

    I work at staples in the tech department.

    I deal with dickheads everyday. For example: Today a lady brought in her printer. Backstory - this dumbass shoved her ink cartridge under the slot where the ink cartridges actually go.
    [spoiler:2czl0k3x]Me: Hey, how's it goin? Recycling that printer? (usually when people bring in printers they're recycling them, we only work on computers)
    Bitch: No, I put the ink cartridge in wrong and it's stuck and I can't get it out.
    Me: Ok well technically we don't work on printers. I can try to get the cartridge out for you if you'd like. *gives a quick tug on cartridge and it's JAMMED in there*. Ok there's nothing I can do the cartridge is stuck and I don't want to yank it out and be responsible for breaking your printer.
    Bitch: is there somebody more technically advanced who can do something.
    Me: It's not really a technical issue the cartridge is stuck *Gives it another tug, doesn't budge* Nothing I can do I don't want to rip it out, you go home, find out it doesn't work and say we broke your printer.
    Bitches husband: You obviously don't know what your doing. And this is ridiculous the printers less than a year old.
    Me: There is nothing I can do to fix it. You can try calling the manufacturer but those warranties are limited and after 90 days they really don't help you out. And no offense since you actually jammed the cartridge in they are most likely going to cover themselves and say it wasn't their fault.
    Bitches husband: So coming in was a waste of fucking time. You know what it is, you kids don't know a fucking thing about technology.
    Me: Well I had to pass a technical exam to become a certified technician and get this job (test is very easy just wanted to make him feel like a dumbass)

    They just walked out.[/spoiler:2czl0k3x]
    Retail sucks. I love my job though. The people I work with are great and I just fix and sell computers for most of the day.

    I work at the College Bookstore when I'm at school. Easiest job ever. First 2 weeks are busy as hell, next 3 months are dead and I just sit around and bullshit with the manager.

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    Re: Jobs

    I don't have a job at the moment, but I am going to work at a supermarket to gain money for a travel to the USA.

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    Re: Jobs

    I work in a high end butchers.

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    Re: Jobs

    I don't think I could work at a butcher seems too messy. I'm thinking of getting a 3rd job at a bottle shop, I like serving people alcohol.

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    Re: Jobs

    i stock shit at EA

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    Re: Jobs

    being my parents faithful son is what i get paid for.
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