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    Terrible flash backs.

    So, I was goofing around with people in PA chat, and suddenly we had an argue about flash anims, wich it gave me some aweful memories:
    I was a regular youtube pivoter before getting envolved in forums, so the only places I could post on was youtube and facebook.
    There was those facebook groups called stickfigures and fluidanims that their main animations are flash, so it was obvious that people in there will dislike pivot, but what I don't get is how retarded they are: No matter how good the animation is, they will still claim that it sucks only because it's "Pivot". Not only that, they even convince you to quit Pivot and move up to flash since it's their "way of the future". Thanks to that I've had a massive amount of rage and butthurt arguing with them to the point that made me quit.
    After that I was on my own practicing and working super duper hard to improve for a year, untill I decided that I was ready for forums.
    Not sure if I'm the only one out there who've been trough this redicilous misery.

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    Yeah, except flash is infinitely better than pivot, objectively. Pivot is good for learning the basics of animation, but as far as making something more than a niche community is going to like you'd have to use flash or something similar.

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    tl;dr: The forum is dying, so is pivot


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