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Thread: Shrek is drek

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    Shrek is drek

    I was born with a disease that made my forehead swell up. It didn't hurt me, but the lumps were not able to be taken off, or my brain would be damaged. When I started school, all the kids laughed and jeered at my enormous forehead. Every day I came home and cried, wishing I could make just one friend. I felt so alone until I watched Shrek. I watched Shrek on my 6th birthday, and I always knew that I would someday come face to face with Shrek. Shrek was my only friend, and I often wore Shrek T-Shirts to school. The kids laughed at me, saying," Shrek is Drek, kid", and sometimes even the teachers would join in and laugh at my Shrek shirts. I didn't care, I wanted nothing but to appease the ogrelord. On the last day of kindergarten, I went home and grinned that the horrible school year was ogre. However, I never knew what would be waiting for me in years to come .

    After many years and after many summers of swimming in my green pool, eating onions, and watching shrek movies, I had to start 7th grade . When I walked into the room, I realised I had come early. The teacher wasn't there, but some high schoolers were hanging out in the corner. They were an ugly group, with blonde hair and blue eyes each, and they smelled nothing of onions. I sat at the other side of the room, hoping to not catch a sniff of their onionless stench. They walked over to me and grinned evil grins." Help me Shrek." I whispered under my breath, but they still heard me. " Shrek is Drek, Faggot" Said one of the bullies. Another one pulled out an onion. I was glad that he seemed to like onions, but then he threw it out the window and said,"Onions are for losers like shrek." I was a bit afraid, but I knew I couldn't lose with Shrek on my side. I sat up and said," Shrek is the best, he'll never be drek."

    One of them got angry and punched me in the face.Luckily, he missed my swollen forehead by an inch. " I told you shrek was drek, faggot!" he yelled, but he immediately looked remorseful as he smelled the pungent smell of onions. I smiled a mischievous smile as I realised what was about to ogre. Shrek slammed in through the wall, and smiled at me. He looked so heroic, and I got a boner on the spot. Shrek took each bully and slammed them each into a different wall. He took each body and covered it in onions, and then smashed them to make them into a delicious meal. He ate each bully, and then smiled at me. All the while I had been praising shrek, and offering myself to him. I stooped over, and pulled out shrek's huge eshrekt cock. I smiled as Shrek filled me up with fresh oniony juices. As I tasted the nectar of Shrek, my diseased forehead turned into onions, and fell off. Shrek took each onion and ate them, and then it was ogre. I blinked, and shrek was gone. I will never forget the day shrek changed my life. Shrek is love, shrek is life.
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