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    Hippies versus Rednecks

    So I have a question, and here it is:

    Would you rather be a hippie or a redneck?

    In other words:

    Would you rather be an aging hippie liberal douche or an intolerant redneck piece of trash?

    I'd kill myself either way. On one hand I'm quite conservative. Since my dad is an aging hippie liberal douche, I'm forced to live around constant anti-religion, pro-choice, anti-war rants from my dad. It drives me completely nuts, which is why I tend to like conservatives more just because they don't do what dad does. I totally hate hippies. I quote South Park:

    "Maybe instead of complaining about corporations being selfish, we should look at at ourselves. I mean, is there anything more selfish than doing nothing but getting high and listening to music all day long?"

    - Stan

    On the other hand, I'd also hate being a redneck. Mostly because I'm vegetarian by choice, and I love animals. I don't see eating meat as a horrible sin, but I find hunting just sick. And if I was forced to hunt, just like, ew.

    Also, although I'm pro-family, I do realize that everyone is a person and deserves to be treated with love and forgiveness. Even though I'm not accepting, I am quite tolerant. I'd hate being intolerant and bigoted.

    “Tolerant but not stupid! Look, just because you have to tolerate something doesn’t mean you have to approve of it. If you had to like it it’d be called the Museum of Acceptance. Tolerate means you’re just putting up with it. You tolerate a crying child sitting next to you on the airplane or you tolerate a bad cold. It can still piss you off. Jesus tapdancing Christ!”

    - Mr. Garrison

    To tell me your opinion.

    Thanks for participating!

    - Neilioli

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    Redneck-More meat, and rural areas are fun. hippie-no-WHO WANTS DRUGS?

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    Your dad sounds the exact opposite of mine. Mine is a Tea Party Conservative douche and all I ever hear is anti-every-religion-except-Christianity rants mingled with ignorant statements directed toward science/scientists, as well as regular usage of derogatory terms toward the President. For example:

    "Great, now we have to wait another four years before we can get n*gger-boy out of office."
    - Dad after Obama's reelection.

    "You know, Christopher Columbus thought the earth was flat, and he was a great explorer. He believed that, even though the bible said the earth was round. It took hundreds of years for science to prove that."
    - Dad on the validity of the bible.

    "Those people are so worthless. They need to lay them down in a line and run them over with a truck."
    - Dad's opinion on Muslims. I was relatively young when he said this, but to this day I remember it as the quote that made me realize just how ignorant of an individual he is.

    I'd rather be an aging hippie douche.
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