Hi all I work for HoneyVR.com, a virtual reality content company. We are looking for talented digital artists to create pre-rendered, CGI-based VR content in the form of 90 second ""VR Experiences"" or 3+ minute ""VR Short Films"". We pay $500 per experience and $2,000 per short film, plus $.01 residual each time your work is viewed. We'd love to work with you on multiple projects on a regular basis if you are good, and not just 1 piece.

You can use our in-house render farm for all renders at no charge Check out the artists section of our website for more information:

The Hive: Our global partner network of virtual reality content creators. — HoneyVR

You can do the work at your own pace and generate good side income, and VR is flat out the most fun medium you will ever design for if you are a 3D artist! Please get in touch with us for a fun and amazing way to earn additional income, build your portfolio, and gain expertise in VR content creation!

Gen and the HoneyVR Talent Team