So I came really far in life...managed to get noticed by millions of people for my vocals, screams, guitar work, production ability in Fruity Loops, my mastering work, my photoshop design work, along with being so awesome..
Yet I am still disappointed because I spent all my life cooped up learning these skills, then I get released finally and everyone thinks I acquired these abilities through drug abuse...though it really took about 14 years to learn all of this and a lot of overtime on my offtime if you know what I mean, and from learning all this you'd think Id have an easy time making money with these skills, nope. Fucking bullshit because life is a huge let down, I lost the love of my life along the way somehow and fucked everything up for no reason...other than drug abuse haha, and to think I started all the way from the MSN board for Pivot, then got lead to here as a bad ass intermediate animator myself ( back in the day of course), I attribute ALL my success as a human being to, and thank Adam for running this fucking place full of lunatics.
For if it weren't for DD, (haha) -.-.. I would have never spent all my time learning to be so awesome because several old members inspired me to use Photoshop, FL, ETC like Fraz for example, I tried to be like him kinda but surpassed him by far