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    Dropgun read out thanks its gamers - which models for AK 47 have the best support)

    Presents the overview comes about "Best 5 AK models" that was given among players of the site. Our gamers Just expected to name 5 TOP AK47 skins in their view... We have met around 20 000 players for each subsequent shape... The thing our supervisors have discovered was unforeseen for us

    Redline - AK 47

    Redline for AK took the second position in our review. Notwithstanding not high cost many individuals need to have it in their stock. This thing is exceptionally delicious and a la mode!

    Vulcan AK 47

    The fourth place brought AK 47 Vulcan with a little hole from fifth place. The AK-Vulcan dependably pulls in consideration due to its hues executed in the style of delicate power... This thing isn't high cost yet has a colossal notoriety!

    Jet Set - AK47

    Position 5 took the AK47 Jet Set. The best need of this AK-47 is talking close to its support) Jet Set is the AK-47 that think many spots... Dropgun predicts most noteworthy notoriety of Jet Set in the closest future)

    AK47-Fire Serpent

    The Third place of AK47 Fire Serpent was shock for reserch resaults! Dropgun conceives that its request is the past) This Serpent inhales with a fire The Fire Serpent is a high cost thing a still a standout amongst the most well known!

    AK 47 - Wasteland Rebel

    The progressing thing has its supreme style) This skin assumed the first position in our examination and it's decent

    All called models clients can win without endeavors from boxes on our web-benefit.

    Our group on account of clients partook in this examination!..

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