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    Triple The Awstun - Need Some Help

    Note: I will need help until I can actually get the site running with different things, so make sure to check back every now and then to see if I have a new problem in need of assistance.

    What I need help on currently is for some reason when I put the files into Filezilla, and it says success, it doesn't update the actual site. I preview the files on my local computer and they look how they should, but on the web every time I update it is still frozen on a update I made perhaps a hour ago. Any ideas?

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    Re: Triple The Awstun - Need Some Help

    Delete what's on your byethost htdocs then upload the new files. You're overwriting wrong, that's all.

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    Re: Triple The Awstun - Need Some Help

    empty your browser's cache. In firefox it's Tools<Clear Private Data<Cache

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