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    Exporting image list to XML


    I'm completely new to PHP and I'm wondering how to do something.
    Say I have a folder full of images, and when I run a php file it'll grab all the images in the folder, put them into a list and export them as an XML file. For example the output would be something like:


    Could anybody provide me with an example of the code and a bit of a walkthrough of how to do it?

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    Re: Exporting image list to XML

    the source code from: http://www.laughing-buddha.net/jon/php/dirlist/ explains how to handle files into an array, which is a must.

    As to output it into an XML form.

    $length = count($result);
    echo '<imagelist>';
    echo '<image>'.$result[$i].'</image>';
    echo '</imagelist>';


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