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    The Satchel Project v3 Ready For Premiere

    Alright so I've always had a website, but now that summer is approaching I found the time to complete it, update it and fix most of the little bugs.


    The website is more of a personal site for me which Jon, Skype** has been hosting for close to a year now.
    Just recently did I remove the forums, too much hastle, I also made most of the features browser cross compatible by running a WC3 check.

    The Blog isn't quite ready still finishing off my own theme/ organizing it.

    Any criticism is helpful and especially help

    Lovee, Spitfire

    ^I don't know if gray is still on the forums, but no homo
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    Re: The Satchel Project v3 Ready For Premiere

    I like it, it looks "clean" and it's easy to read.

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    Re: The Satchel Project v3 Ready For Premiere

    The background is very interrupting in my opinion, it kind of distracts from the main content.
    Other than that, it's pretty good I guess.
    Oh, the twitter :hover state is kinda weird, too little margin from the bottom of the page and a border. It'd look a lot cooler if, say, you made the twitter bird change or something. Anyways, remove the border.

    Finally, one last thing: you have a minor error in Contact. It says "buisness," not "business."

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    Re: The Satchel Project v3 Ready For Premiere

    wow its pretty good, easy to read, not too many links and images. very simple and easy to use

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    Re: The Satchel Project v3 Ready For Premiere

    Watch those post dates.


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