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    MATLAB (aka no replies)

    For my job I need to learn MATLAB pretty thoroughly and I've only taken one course on it before, so I thought I'd make a thread here while studying, just for the 0.000001% chance that anyone here actually uses it. I have a few questions that are bugging me, so if anyone is knowledgeable that would help too.

    My main problems are with vectorization. I have no problem doing most stuff in a conventional programming way, but MATLAB sort of sucks at that and my employer expects me to be some sort of God at noticing how everything can be realized as a vector and can be done in a tenth the time my programs take. I know this is pretty specific and changes from problem to problem, but any general tips would be cool

    I don't know why I'm making this thread

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    Re: MATLAB (aka no replies)

    This really isn't a conventional reply, but i briefly remember you talking about how your dad is a very good computer programmer and how he knows nothing of personal computing. I think its cool you're following in his footsteps. I tend to have a more art and literature kind of brain, but i respect your math mind. Even though i barely understand it, i really love hearing about this sort of stuff. Blogs are cool.
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