I created a site a long time ago for a transportation business. I made a few changes since then, but the layout is still in messy tables. I warn you, don't look at the source code, it will hurt your eyes. After years of learning modern web design techniques, I am ready to trash the current site: http://www.myairportsedan.com completely and create a new site optimized for both, search engines and users. But don't open the link yet. I need to ask you guys a couple of questions before.

I want you guys to think as customers looking for luxury transportation service to be picked up at your nearby airport to your hotel. What would you type in google or your favorite search engine to begin finding the right company. List any search queries that come in mind.

Once you select the site from the search results, what do you expect to see on the site, the home page, the navigation links, etc.

I want input from you guys. I'm working on my new design here: http://yourimg.in/m/a11d7i6.jpg
I'm trying to make it simple and professional looking.

But it won't be complete until I finish my research.

I'm working on getting backlinks and setting up social media for the site currently, but the on page seo will have to wait until I actually start coding. I've done most of the research on keywords. I also wanted to ask you guys if you know any good keyword reseraching tool. I've been using google's but I heard word-tracker is good too.

I will really appreciate all the data, suggestions and advice you guys will give me.