Ok, I honestly hate a lot of things about flash, and love some parts.
So I decided I was going to make my own animation software... Lol thing is I know the basics of a lot of languages but I don't have a good knowledge of any of them enough to cod ea program. So I started learning C++

The program I want to make will be designed for fullbody animation. It will have a timeline similar to flash, maybe some larger thumbnails.
The main differences will be it's vectors, they will not suck. Haha, I will attempt to code it's vector system similar to the ones used by anime studios software like Retas. It's easy to use and they look good. I think the difference with that and Flash is as you're drawing they are pixels, after you release the pen they turn to vector. Producing a much better result in smoothness and direction Constancy.
Their will be a line smoother and connector tool also. Also a better curve tool than flash, if you are familiar with the Japanese software Stylos Retas HD, it will be similar to that.

Another main feature is realtime collaboration. I want it so that I can be animating a rough and another animator could be cleaning it behind me and vise versa.
(this would also be good for storyboarding and even writing scripts)

The color system will be much easier. Let's say you colored a characters hair yellow, but you decide later you want to change it to brown, instead of going through each frame 1 by one. It will have a color pallet and you select the color used for the hair and you can change it (in the color pallet) and it will change all the fills with that particular color to the new one you made.

I'm hoping I'm able to do this, because Flash aint cutting it with their Vectors, ToonBoom isn't cutting it with their glichyness, Stylos aint cutting it with their getto timeline. (I think that's why Jap animation is less smooth than american animation now a days, they are limited to a timeline based on the traditional way).
C++ makes sense to do this in sense Flash was made in that language, but I'm still up to be persuaded on the Language if anyone has better suggestions.
Also feature suggestions, I would make the software free for anyone who love animation. I plan to have an american animation studio that's serious. It has top notch animation, like detail of good anime, but flow of Disney. Beast of both worlds. Americans really behind in the 2D animation department sense 3D came along. I don't like that Americas skilled 2D animators are sent to Korrea because america doesn't have a studio here for them.