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    Dec 2006

    Roysters weird thread-AH! PINKBALL ATTACKS!! 12-9-07

    • [list:2xem483y][list:2xem483y][list:2xem483y][list:2xem483y][list:2xem483y]Roy's Animations.

    12/9/07-Updated with "AH! PINKBALL ATTACKS!!" The main idea is from Cap'n, so kudos.
    12/7/07-Posted my DDC6 Entry.
    12/3/07- Posted my unfinished, probably-never-to-be-finished joint with stooie; Fire Bolt.
    12/1/07- Holy shit. Updated with my two, yes, TWO, shorts collab entries.
    11/27/07- Updated with "Thing". Not much to explain about, it's a random test, when all is done and done.
    11/15/07 -Well, people, I decided to add this section to my animation thread. It might help. The first thing I want to say is that people who say something like this: "OMFG, u roced mah sox i just dun liek tha blud

    Couresy please?!?!?!?!?!"
    People won't get courtesy if they don't give me a proper comment, with some criticism. Taking the example above, WHY didn't you like the blood? And how do YOU think I can improve it? So next time you comment here for courtesy, think about that. I don't exactly need a full comment, just something like "The animation was pretty tight, but I didn't like how the blood looked. It didn't have enough particles and the gravity was too strong. I think you should add particles to it and it'd look much better."
    That's all I'm asking for.




    DDC6 Entry-DDC6 Entry. Credz: Frozenfire and Smoof.

    Fire Bolt (Joint with Stooie)-Fire Bolt. Credz: Frozenfire and Wescer.

    Shorts collab #1- Number 1. Credz: Maximus.

    Shorts collab #2-Number 2. Credz: Noone.

    "Thing"-"Thing" is all I can say. Credz: Noone.

    Lemon Joint-My joint with LemonAde. Pretty good dawng random. You can tell who's part is who's by the names. Credz: Dean.

    F-117 Nighthawk Test-F-117 Stick I made in action. Credz: Noone.

    Minifightzordz-Minifight. Me and Maximus were talking on msn, when he showed me this awesome stick. Credz: Maximus.

    Warscene-BOOM! HEADSHOT! Credz: Noone.

    Flipityflopsquash-Flipityflopsquash. Credz: Noone.

    Flipityflipflop- FlipityFlop. Credz: Noone.

    Mr. Speedy-Mr. Speedy is HERE! Too bad he's tripping over rocks and shit :l Credz: Noone.
    SoniclmaoTEHSPEED!-Oshi- Sonic is FAST!!! Oh, and this was just for fun ;D Credz: Noone.

    Linkwithsword -Linkzordz with a sword, this is what comes out. Credz: Noone.

    Bowsar-Oshi- it's bowser, and he's looking for someone to love him D: Credz: Noone.

    Fox power up- Foxomgpoweup: Trying ma new stick :3. Credz: Noone.

    Yoshifall- Just made yoshi, and I wanted to try him out : D. Credz: Noone.

    Back Cartwheel- Test no. 1: A Back Cartwheel. Credz: LemonAde.
    Getting up move-Test no. 2: Getting Up move. Credz: LemonAde.
    Roll-Test no. 3: Roll. Credz: LemonAde.

    Ef Di Tribute-Here it is! The Ef Di tribute : D Inspired by FlameDweller, and the tributed to him. Credz: Frozen Fire.

    Pigeon Flying-Been some time people, but I'm finally back with an update =D! Pigeon flying, and it's one of my most favorite anis. You might have seen the "Flying Pidgeon" Pack on droidz, well that was made by me and this other guy called braindead. Credz: Braindead.

    FreeFall collab entry-For the freefall collab . Credz: FrozenFire

    OMG FALL-OMG fall, an Absolute-For-Fun animation. Credz: Limped

    FreeFall fail- It's not really failed, just wrong dimensions. Credz: FFF550.

    Alien Fall- I really like this ani, looks awesome, I think. Credz: FFF550 and FD.

    Darkshadow Joint- My joint with DS, pretty awesome.

    FEA collab piece- For the FEA collab, I like. Credz: Smoof.

    Blood test- Testing blood, I think it came out pretty good. Credz: Smoof and FrozenFire.

    LA's stick play around- Playing with LA's stick. It's truly awesome. Credz: LA and FD

    FFA- Against Justin, I bet I lost XD.I THINK it's my best ani yet. I love it. Credz: Big one to GG and Fraz for making a tut outta XMPT's 'splosion.

    Failed midget collab-Yup, the midget collab has died, and I have no intentions of continuing this, so..... You get to see it ^_^. Credz: GG, Limped(I think), Uber, and Jon.

    Uber test- Five test. Had a block people, nasty things, hope this'll take it outta me. Credz: Limped, uber, and FD

    Coin flip.- Coin Flip Test V2, by far better. Credz: Supdog101 for the sweet style.

    Flip Test V1- Coin Flip FTW. This is also my new avatar. Credz: All Stks done by me

    Multi fight- Multi fighting: Not gonna finish, it got gay when I tried. Credz: FD and Buddz

    Justin Joint- Joint with the awesome Justin. Justin for elites. Credz: No one.

    http://pivothost.org/upload/v2/demonfir ... lewc55.piv- The gif raped the colors, so you here's the piv. Credz: FlameDweller

    DDC5 ani-DDC5 ani. Darnit! it didn't get in =( . Credz: Pistol

    Short fight-Just a kick push test. May start a fight outta this. Credz: No one

    Darkshadow PW- My PW with DS, turned out pretty good.

    comments plz

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    Jan 2007
    i luv raping

    Re: Roysters new thread :o

    Great! Either, high beginner-low inter! Though you can Improve on colored backgrounds... and the easing was a little off, but high beginna fo sho lol
    Courtesy please?

    Quote Originally Posted by BN

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    Jul 2006
    wow, high beginner there, last time i saw u, you were a NOOB, but you have done great improovements =D keep that up bitch.

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    Jun 2006
    nowhere cooL:yep Inters:let me IN!!
    I dont uderstand.
    Where does the block come from?
    I mean it just comes out of nowhere.
    I really liked the kick.
    Try having him jump just a bit near the end of the kick.
    It helps me alot.

    My website:
    (Three sub forums put in begginers hall, low begginer, med begginer, and high begginer)

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    Roy is offline

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    Dec 2006
    Lol, thanks. been working hard

    :goes to your thread and writes courtesy:

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    Jan 2007
    Trojan Gate of Intermediate
    The block that falls to the left has a weird movement when it's on the ground but it's good. I think you're ready for intermediate. Also judging by your PW ani (I dind't like it much) and the Flip animation (which I think was very good except when the stick stands still to fade to another color.)

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    Jun 2006
    Stickpage. Hammering butts.
    Haha! better than the others, by far. The physics weren't so great as the one box that fell to the right was far off, The impact would send ALL of the boxes to the left, even if its not completely to the left, it would still be going in that general direction. The guy kicking was very nice and fluid, even though it was really hard to tell since it went by real quick. The back could have used a few more frames of bending down. And so could have the head. The arms seems to lag a bit before flying back. But it was pretty nice. Anyways like i said in the other thread, come give me a jingle when you make another animation, and ill give you a nice hot, wet juicy comment. Haha.

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    Dec 2006
    Wow! that was a blow. this means more physics tests.

    plus, don't worry, I keep my eyes on your thread when you have new anis

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    Dec 2006
    when you feel like posting in this thread, tell me........

    nu un:

    basic combo(extra bad). This is stiff. Credz: buzz and JackAssBoy

    a challenge jeremy gave, I failed with a wave of stiffness . credz: FrozenFire

    post now and get a free cookie

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    Jul 2006
    Some of the punch movment's are off, Along with the backflip thing, Other then that overall not bad, Its smooth and physic's arn't to bad, High beginner.

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