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    Enthusiast Jim.Bob's Avatar

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    Re: ([{zaedokun)}] - update - wow i updated :O

    Wow, Zae, you are really good. It sucks that you quit Pivot though.

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    Veteran Enthusiast Salazar-DE's Avatar

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    Ontario, Canada

    Re: ([{zaedokun)}] - update - wow i updated :O

    I can feel the hurt in the red sticks head from that.

    Eurgh, it looks way painful.

    You're very good, and you hit vets. You can have great fun with your anims yet you don't, come on. Get back in here.
    [center:15cesajl]I'm gone, but I loved my time here. Thank you all for being such a great community![/center:15cesajl]

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    some where watching and waiting.

    Re: ([{zaedokun)}] - update - wow i updated :O

    man your a cool pivoteer. i hope you dont mind me using your sticks in your animations. i do give credits though to expert animators.
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    Re: ([{zaedokun)}] - update - wow i updated :O

    Please dont bump, zaedokun when you return, ask a staff member to unlock this.

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