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    Re: DDC8 Failure :(

    Quote Originally Posted by venG
    People don't appreciate pivot animation as they should, I think it's fucking great you took the time to even try animating for the DDC.
    I no longer judge animation by the detail, or the movements. If it's entertaining, then it's good to watch.
    And if it's good to watch, then who gives a shit about anything else.
    By you saying 'I can't keep up' I hope your not gonna stop. Cause, I still think your great. As do many others. And who cares if you get moved down, whats the point in wrecking yourself over something you don't enjoy.
    If you enjoy making shorts or what ever the fuck you want, then do it.
    Standards eat shit, tru dat bruv.
    a reason why YOU VENG don't have to quit pivot ^^.

    @Xmpt: Veng is right.

    And MAN I LOVED THIS ANIMATION. Just cause of the fucking great idea and shit. Idk but somehow i even enjoyed the moves so c'omon and fuck those guys who are saying shit.

    Sorry man for bad cc but pls
    Courtesy ?
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    Re: Xmpt's Animations

    Account Suspended? Great job haha. Damn I remember when you were an Int
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