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    Umm you've lost it a little but keep working and I'm sure you'll get i back I liked the mortal combat one and the power fight was ok a lot of them were random as hell like super random. anyways I hope you get it back I like your animations and style but i feel I could have done better than half these animations and I'm inter. your just a tad rusty keep working and animate when you want and what you want.

    courtesy please.

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    106 is fumpin', pumpin' up in this hoe, for sho, my bro
    I really don't care that you are rusty, you're still my favourite animator.
    Your ddc5 was really sweet. Amazing idea, and it was greatly animated.
    The explosions you do are sexual to be honest. I have fapped to them before, and I will do it again.
    Please animate more you sexy thing.
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    ctf_Ash, but beating Joel.
    It's official. You are the king of explosions : D

    They are amazing. I'd request for you to make a tut but then everyone else will make them and they will make your animations not so great : \

    I loved the Chain. It was fun : D

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    Yes, your explosions really add to you stuff man. Really impressive. Loved just about everything you did. I mean LOVED.

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    :0 How are you rusty, those were great! Really random for the most part but still great. I loved Chase, the backgrounds were kickass and I loved how he grabed the edge of the cliff.
    The only one I didn't really like was the super power fight thing, the running at the start was just stuffed up. Also some of guys getting thrown everwhere or whatever it was called isn't too good. Mostly the parts with the default.
    But I really liked the effect with the line in that animation, I know it was simple and all but I really thought it looked effective. I'd like to see a stickman dissapear like the line did, please try that for me!
    Great work Xmpt, keep working that rust baby.

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    Not bad, Like them. The chase one was not so good though. The running looked real weird and off. :\
    For some reason I like the style of your effects. Overall, they're great. You should continue the mortal combat one, it looked pretty sweet so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xmpt
    Oh wow. I really thought I lost my groove. Thanks for such pwning comments. I'll grant everyone courtesy

    Later tonight, I'll see if I can post a few screenies of my Highly FFA.


    nice anims. You have a truly unique style there, but I can see that you're inspired by at leats a couple elites. Great job, awesome effects.
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    Wow, these were some great animations xD I watched each of them like 3 times. You got the freaking best explosions and transition effects EVAR! please keep making more
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    Re: New thread- 10 new anims. RUSHTAY.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xmpt
    -~-~-~The stuff I was holding out on. -~-~-~

    "Old Avatar"
    That was fucking hot. I love that style of explosion. You should make a tutorial on it.
    That was pretty good, it was really smooth, and I loved how un-stiff it was.
    That is pretty damn awesome. Very creative combo. :P
    Great idea, very well animated, too.
    "Power Fight"
    LOL that was random. I loved the little blast away shield-thingy.
    "Guys getting thrown everywhere"
    That really was odd, but I love the animating style on it.
    I couldn't really tell that was supposed to be wind pushing him back. >_>
    "Mortal Kombat rip"
    It was a little weird, but it looked like it could turn out ok.
    A slightly different style of explosion, and it still looked good.
    "BN Pivot War"
    Looks like a good start.
    My ending not is: Thank God for Slipknot.
    -Overall, nice job. I really love that style of explosion. Smooth animations.
    Keep 'em coming.

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    they were all pretty cool...but i didn't care for the movements in a lot of them.

    If there is one thing you could use practice on, its movements.

    Your effects are okay, they could use a bit more frames...they are kinda short lol.

    The beam in the most recent Avatar one was really cool. I like all the detail in it.

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