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    Re: {DoD}'s Animation Party

    all your animations have a certain speed that cant be matched! they are really epic. your newest proves your skill phenominally. vets indeed. i cant hink of a thing that you can work on, more frivoulous sicks perhaps? you can defiately afford to practise with some detailed ones. courtesy

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    Re: {DoD}'s Animation Party

    Hai thur.

    This would be one of the comments where I made a huge essay, but frankly, there's really not enough to be said about your animations, they're not bad, I can't really find any real errors that needs to be pointed out, but you're not special either.

    You have a very unique style, which would be a compliment, and it sorta is, but when I look at your animations, I see all these fancy movements and effects put into it, but none of it wows me, it just basically looks like a completely normal animation.

    So to be honest, you have got what it takes to be a veteran, by FAR, but your animations have no soul, if you know what I mean, you need to find that special sweetspot in your style that really points out "Damn, that Doomdooer is good!", every good animator has it, the one thing they put in their animations that just makes you go "wow."

    So simply keep animating, and try to make up new, completely original ideas that will blow yourself away

    Edit: Just wanna say, the "knock yo ass down" animation was way better than any of the above, not because it looked "better", but because you really proved a unique style in it, and not just a random "Hey I know how to kick!" animation =P

    You can also add me on Skype if you want to chat (don't abuse it), I'm "chrozon"

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    Re: {DoD}'s Animation Party

    bump it seems,

    just pm a staff member dod to get it unlocked.

    k dude?

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