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    Re: crono - 30 animations project compilation (thanks sticki

    Wow, nice blood effects, in some there is a little unrealism but that's what creativity is all about.
    I especially like the face face lift, it sort of inspired me to animate many many different things. You definitely belong here.

    Please join my new forum, first 7 to join are mods, no jokes.

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    Re: crono - 30 animations project compilation (thanks sticki

    Really good im thinking of dooing a 30 day animating thingey two and i need to know how u get the links into words Ex. posting.php?mode=reply&f=53&t=64262 into click here
    i just got onto this website again after 5 years of not going on and jesus christ what was i thinking

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    Re: crono - some of my best movements [June 19th]

    Quote Originally Posted by Endoplasm
    Thank god LithiumCheetah is gone. Everyone was sick of his shit, he should really just go drop dead. Nice animations Crono. See my tribute to you I have in my thread.
    Did you just noticed that your other account got banned? >.> , i know its you LithiumCheetah, so don't be a noob.


    Quote Originally Posted by Krustalien
    Edit HAHAHAHA, Endoplasm was actually LithiumCheetah double (or was it triple?) accounting. Lmfao.
    He had triple accounted, but i think he made 4 accounts, but i don't remember the name of his 3rd account tho.

    P.S: Here is some cc:

    That was actually the best animation i've seen from you, Crono, the movements were fucking amazing, lots of flow,no stiffness... seriously! There is nothing wrong, you really well deserved elites, don't listen to these people who say that your Vets, or even med begginer like this douchebag of LithiumCheetah told you. Your Absolutely Elites.
    im havolis

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